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Don't Listen To Us...Listen To Sandra!

Posted By Leah Deppert, Friday, June 19, 2015
Updated: Friday, June 19, 2015

Interview With Sandra

Last week, we interviewed NACCE member Jeanne Wesley from Germanna Community College about why it was helpful to bring her tribe to the NACCE conference last year. Read her interview here.

This week, we talked to
Sandra Louvier, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship from Houston Community College (HCC) NW about her thoughts on coming to NACCE2015: Cultivating An Entrepreneurial Culture.



Q: Sandra, how long have you attended our annual conference?

A: I have attended the annual NACCE conference every year since 2009 when we first launched our entrepreneurial initiatives at HCC. I remember thinking, "I've found my people!"


Q: What are your thoughts on attending the pre-conferences?

A:The pre-conference sessions solidified my first NACCE mentors and we still collaborate today.


Q: How about the general assembly speeches and break out sessions?

A: The general assemblies and speakers are so inspiring and the networking and break-out sessions were full of ideas, best practices and priceless advice about what works and doesn't work! I've learned from other presenters, formed friendships and alliances with other colleges, and continue to share ideas and best practices throughout the year.


Q: Your President, Dr. Zachary Hodges, signed the PFEP and has attended the conference in the past. How has this affected your campus?

A: Thanks to the PFEP, Dr. Zachary Hodges and Dr. Maya Durnovo, our entrepreneurial initiatives have grown phenomenally at HCC! I am now one of 25 plus staff and grant-funded persons dedicated to entrepreneurship, with Chancellor Maldonado and Dr. Butch Herod leading the charge to spread an entrepreneurial culture across the HCC system. The future holds our best, which is yet to come!


Q: Anything else you'd like to share?

A: It may take a year or two to gain some traction, but keep with it and the ripple effect set in motion by you and others at your college can be astounding! Also, welcome to Houston this October!



Thank you to Sandra for this interview! We appreciate you and can't wait to see you in Houston!


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Help Us Help You: Enrollment, Retention & Revenue

Posted By Leah Deppert, Wednesday, June 17, 2015

President's Breakfast at AACC 

On April 20th, NACCE held a Presidents' breakfast at AACC's National Conference to discuss with our members how we can help you with the following issues:



Retention and Completion

Budget and Revenue




Below are the ideas that they came up with. What would you like to add? Tell us in the comments!


NACCE can help our college increase ENROLLMENT by:

  • Making Connections: between members, institutions and thought leaders in higher education and entrepreneurship. What are the best practices nationally? How are colleges attracting international students? What member with a similar school and region is increasing enrollment?
  • Story-Telling: helping colleges to tell their campus success stories and how entrepreneurship plays a vital role.
  • Sharing and Teaching Best Practices to Increase Enrollment: educating members on how to create a start-up incubator, how to create a middle and high school summer institute, how to partner with co-working spaces, how to share a maker space, how to host a shark tank competition, how to grow your talent, connecting to industry.

NACCE can help our BUDGET & REVENUE by:

  • Providing Messaging on Entrepreneurship: create messages for grant writers on the impact of entrepreneurship on campus and as part of a larger economic development strategy.
  • Creating Leadership Training: empower & educate campus leaders on fostering an innovative culture.
  • Curate Best Practices on Financial Models: how to cut programs that are losing money, how to ask for large donations, and how to generate alternate forms of revenue, etc. 


  • Fostering the Entrepreneurial Mindset: it's a crucial component of student success!
  • Demonstrating Examples of Successful Community Partnershipsproviding resources on engaging your small business development centers, best practices in engaging industry in work-based learning.
  • Engage High Schools: Showcase best practices in aligning with high schools.

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{Best Practice} Bring Your Community To #NACCE2015!

Posted By Leah Deppert, Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, July 14, 2015

As a community of practice, we love sharing best practices around NACCE. Last year, we learned a best practice from some of our conference attendees...bring your community with you to conference! 


We had many colleges that chose to bring 2+ folks to the conference and below is a short interview with NACCE member, Jeanne WesleyVice President of Workforce and Community Relations at Germanna Community College about how it was helpful to bring her tribe to the NACCE conference last year. 




We encourage you to invite someone new to join you at #NACCE2015. 
Register here!

Q: Jeanne, i
n your opinion, what were the added benefits of coming to the NACCE conference as a team opposed to by yourself?

A: Bringing colleagues to the NACCE conference provides a tremendous opportunity for team building. The sessions are informative and promote discussion of real-time issues faced by colleges serving the entrepreneur community. Networking with others at various stages of their progress helps to chart a successful local path. With a college team on site, there is instant discussion, planning, and creative problem solving that is far superior to any dreary planning retreat.    


Q: Why would you encourage others to also come as a team?


A: I would encourage other to come as team because of the fellowship, team building, and abundant tools that result in fired-up, ready to move forward staff. Staff members leave "entrepreneur ready"!


Q: Do you think you and your team member were able to enact your action plan on campus in a more effective and fruitful way since there were two of you? Why or why not?


A: By bringing another team member, the learning curve for developing and implementing innovative ideas was greatly reduced. 


A special thank you to Jeanne for this interview! We appreciate you! 

Register here!
P.S. Remember those registering groups of 4 or more are eligible for special discounts! (First registration at full price, each subsequent registrant is discounted 25%. Registration must be completed via phone at 413-306-3131.)

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What A Difference A Year Makes

Posted By Kaskaskia College _, Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Getting into the final stretch of our second Coleman Foundation & ECIA year, I would like to share some of the differences between year one and year two. On a recent commute, this summary came to mind:

Year 1 Effectuation Efforts- First I learned the principles and then I taught them

Year 2 Effectuation Efforts- I made big strides in understanding the principles and have become a much better teacher

In Year Two, we still value our checklist and pursue our goals but our mindset is different- we are much more open to the journey and the experiences encountered. As a result, our rewards are larger and our effectual sustainability is more assured.

Sara Whiffen of Insights Ignited helped me to develop professionally and I would like to share some lessons learned & things that really gave our projects better direction:

1. "The future is unknowable but it is creatable" is a concept that draws in co-creators. It enabled us to convince others that we can operate on similar footing to that of famous entrepreneurs.

2. "Begin with where you are" removes the non-productive comparisons and allows progress to get underway. Yes, there are healthy comparisons to be made... just drop the coveting & the envy thoughts.

3. Design answers to "what is in it for me- WIIFM" before every group and listener. This is how to move beyond polite listeners and to attract co-creators. Remember to always ask for involvement.

4. Every interaction is good. It is impossible to predict which ones are going to help you and how they will help... "You are part of my crazy quilt."

5. When strengthening your internal team, get to the point where you can frame discussions by saying "Now we do 'X', in an effectual world we would do ______________."

6. Don't scare entrepreneurs away with information overload. You still want them to jump in and try.

At Kaskaskia College, our president of fourteen years retires at the end of the month- the signer of our PFEP. It will be up to our Institute for Entrepreneurial Success to enthuse and inform our new President Dr. Penny Quinn about NACCE, the Coleman Foundation and our effectuation journey. We are confident about accomplishing our mission!

Tags:  Coleman Foundation  effectuation  entrepreneurial mindset  entrepreneurship  insights ignited  Kaskaskia College  PFEP 

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Can Entrepreneurship Help Student Success in Rural Colleges?

Posted By Leah Deppert, Monday, June 15, 2015

This week, our President and CEO, Rebecca Corbin, is attending the 2015 Community Colleges of Appalachia Annual Conference. The Community Colleges of Appalachia (CCA) is a voluntary association of public community colleges serving the common interests of member colleges and their communities through programs and services responsive to the unique cultural, geographic, and economic development challenges facing the region.     

Rebecca is honored to speak on the following topic: “Setting the Stage for Student Success in Rural Colleges with Entrepreneurship”. In this presentation, her guiding questions are:

  • Why is entrepreneurship important?
  • What stories offer powerful lessons? 
  • How does "grit" factor into student success?
  • How can a national organization help you?

Download her slide deck attached to this post and follow her tweets at @RebeccaCorbin7.

Download File (PDF)

 Attached Thumbnails:

Tags:  community college  Community Colleges of Appalachia  entrepreneurship  grit  NACCE 

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Best Practices: Finding Funds To Attend #NACCE2015

Posted By Leah Deppert, Thursday, June 4, 2015
Updated: Friday, June 5, 2015

We love to share best practices around NACCE. Below are three ideas that we learned from past conference attendees that we thought would be helpful to communicate to our future conference participants:


1. Check to see if you have funds to spend down before your fiscal year ends! Not sure if you have expendable funds? It's worth an ask before your books close for 2015. Click here for a template to ask your department chair and/or manager. Things to include in your request are:

2. Look into the Perkins FundsOur conference meets the requirements of Perkins IV!

3. Are you a part of a union? You may be able to access professional development funds to cover some of the costs of attending the conference. Speak with your Human Resources Office for more information.

Also, check out this article about how to convince your boss to send you to a conference!


Register here!

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NISOD2015: Community College Leaders As Entrepreneurs

Posted By Leah Deppert, Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

During May 23rd-26th, our President & CEO, Rebecca Corbin, and our Membership Coordinator, Guin Griswold, had the opportunity to travel down to Austin, Texas for NISOD2015. This conference gathered together community and technical college educators from around the world seeking best practices to improve student achievement.

Rebecca was honored to be granted the opportunity to present at this conference. Her presentation was titled, “Community College Leaders As Entrepreneurs”. She co-presented with Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, President of Clark State College, in which they discussed the following questions:

  • Why is entrepreneurship important?
  • What strategies are effective?
  • What stories offer powerful lessons?
  • How can NACCE can help you?

They asked that attendees would live-tweet their thoughts on entrepreneurship in community college and that one lucky winner would win free registration (valued at $950) for our conference, #NACCE2015! We are pleased to announce that Mario Olivera from South Texas won!

To view Rebecca & Dr. Blondin’s presentation deck, please see the attached PDF.

A special thank you to NISOD for a great conference!

Download File (PDF)

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The Value Of Adding Co-Creators To Your Entrepreneurial Efforts

Posted By Kaskaskia College _, Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Approach many people as you build the entrepreneurial mindset at your school because you cannot predict who will help you, how much they will help you and in what fashion the help will be. One beauty of the effectual "crazy quilt" concept (of helpers) is the surprise factor, so LISTEN and ASK in balanced doses.

As part of the Kaskaskia College ECIA Project, we needed to place entrepreneur focused materials into our central Learning Resource Center (Library). Upon first meeting the LRC Director Kathy, we learned that she wanted to bring new life into the old "LRC". Conversations quickly moved to helping one another. Besides our new and unexpected team member that "gets it" with regard to entrepreneurship across campus, here are some specific outcomes volunteered by our co-creator:

1. Kathy is also an evening GED instructor & volunteered that her students would be a good but un-noticed group for effectual problem solving... this observation is already being explored and appears to be true!

2. Our new LRC (the one with a coffeemaker at the door- coffee & books like major retailers) also has lobby displays. The displays include puzzles, piñatas and inter-active games. The display just ending was titled "Is self-employment in your future"?

3. Part of the resource materials underway for our ECIA project will include interviews with entrepreneurial faculty and staff. Co-creator Kathy has a Youtube Channel established for the library- a perfect launch platform for our first ever video.

4. Like most community college staff, we each wear many hats. College-wide staff development and professional growth days fall into the Learning Resource "basket". We have the PG&D day coordinator totally on board with where we are heading and with what needs accomplished.

We did not expect the outcomes obtained when we went to ask questions about the "special resource section" of our library. In six short months the Kaskaskia College Learning Resource Center has become a creative leader for entrepreneurial action and a wonderful co-creator. Remember that effective co-creators step forward on their own free will, join the team on their own terms, bring new resources and have their own concept of what they are willing to invest.

Tags:  Co-Creators  effectuation  entrepreneurial mindset  Kaskaskia College 

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Center for Entrpreneurship gets moving

Posted By Lynn Anderson, Thursday, May 7, 2015

We are finally able to say that we have a "temporary home" for our Center for Entrepreneurship and we will be acquiring equipment to get things moving!  The focus for the last couple of weeks has been determining what the most crucial needs are for Center.  A 3-D printer, tablets, software and supporting supplies will be added shortly.

We have begun working with the Cultural Affairs group to line up speakers for Fall convocation and a series of seminars/presentations/workshops on entrepreneurship.  These speakers will come from various walks of life including academia, music, food service, and other areas.  We are planning to offer these presentations to the campus community, local business people and other interested parties.  The draw will be that many of our potential investors are not traditional business people, but are entertainers and artists.  This area is the "Birthplace of Country Music"; so we can integrate our music roots with the presentations.

There will be a "One Minute to Learn It" video shown at the Fall Convocation, produced by students that focuses on entrepreneurship.  The video emphasizes that entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, of being, of working and living, not just a way of conducting business.  The students thoroughly enjoyed working on the project and we are all anxious to see the results.

As the Center begins to develop, we are looking forward to receiving input and ideas from the people who will utilize the equipment and services we will offer.  To keep the Center growing and evolving, we plan to focus on coordinating services with other organizations in the geographic area.  There is a lot of talent in our community, we are finding ways to offer a central access point to equipment, services and mentors.


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Ivy Tech update on use of Effectuation Method

Posted By Ivy Tech Community College - Bloomington _, Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Updated: Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Steve Tincher and I are excited to announce that Heather Van Sickle and Dr. Angeline Godwin will be the keynote speakers and co-facilitators for the Ivy Tech Faculty Entrepreneurship Summit on June 17th  and 18th. Heather’s exemplary leadership at NACCE makes her a tremendous resource for presenting Entrepreneurial Effectuation Method for our participants. Dr. Godwin, President Patrick Henry Community College, is recognized for the college’s exceptional application of Effectuation with their many entrepreneurship initiatives. This combination of presentations directly links to the summit theme of applying Effectuation toward implementing the Entrepreneurship program across Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. That’s why we wrote “exciting”!


We're hard at work planning the agenda and logistics for our event to bring together internal and external stakeholders to grow our Entrepreneurial Studies program and impact economic development across the State of Indiana.  Additionally, we have the Director of our State Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (Jacob Schpok) and Kim Norbuta from HP Life slated to particiate in the external partner portion of the event to provide insight on partnerships as part of the Crazy Quilt principles. 


We also have a group of local Bloomington-area community leaders working on the South Central Indiana Economic Development Strategic Plan that will attend the presentations from Heather and Dr. Godwin.  This is important because many of our local adjacent communities are rural, so applying the Effectuation techniques to possible projects and programs as part of a regional strategic plan is something we are looking forward to talking about.

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