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Companies Take on the Epidemic of WasteOpen in a New Window

After a long day of rushing from work to the gym to taking their child to soccer practice, many individuals come home too exhausted to think about cooking which has created the epidemic of fast and prepackaged foods. This uptake in the use of single-use packaging has aided in creating our culture of convenience and waste. The UK alone produces about 170m tons of waste annually, and it can take some materials up to 450 years to break down and others are not biodegradable at all. In the past...

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International Students' Economic Impact on their Host CountriesOpen in a New Window

Studying abroad is becoming increasingly more popular with students all over the world and in every field of study.  There are numerous benefits that a student can get from studying abroad including gaining knowledge of another culture, learning a new language, gain international job prospects, and meet new people.  However, international students also offer many benefits to the economies of the countries that host them.   The United States is the most popular destination for...

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Batteries Boast Potential as the Energy Source of the FutureOpen in a New Window

This winter, Australia gave life to business extraordinaire Elon Musk’s mega-battery, changing the scope of energy production as we know it.  The battery is the size of an American football field and powers 30,000 homes in Southern Australia and was built in the Tesla founder’s guaranteed 100-day time frame. On the heels of his accomplishment, Musk has announced another mega-battery to be built, putting on full display the growing market of batteries as the future of...

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When Irish Eyes Aren't SmilingOpen in a New Window

The Downside of Brexit for Ireland  Looking across the pond to Ireland, Americans unfamiliar with the still evolving consequences of Brexit might be inclined to see it as a net positive for the Emerald Isle. After all, it didn't Brexit, but neighbors to the north most certainly did.  The problem is that there is a large volume of trade between Ireland and the U.K., including that between the Republic and Northern Ireland.  About 17 percent of Ireland's total trade is...

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Eco-Friendly Fashion TrendsOpen in a New Window

One of the major trends in the fashion industry for 2018 will be the rise of vegan fashion, according to The Future 100 report from J. Walter Thompson Intelligence.  As social media use has risen throughout recent years, it has become easier for individuals to share opinions on various social and environmental issues with others all over the globe.  One issue that has attracted media attention is the treatment of animals in the fashion industry.  According to People for Ethical...

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Stock Markets Booming WorldwideOpen in a New Window

Stock markets all over the world did very well last year.  Many countries have seen their stock market indices hit record highs recently.  A stock market index is a tool used to measure a section of the stock market.  The most popular stock market indices measure some of the largest, most influential companies traded on the stock market.  Here are two links that explain how a price-weighted index and a market-value weighted index are calculated. The two most popular...

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Investing in AsiaOpen in a New Window

International investing is more appropriate than ever for Asian countries like South Korea, Japan, and India. These emerging markets are predicted to generate big gains for investors due to aspects such as their growing middle-classes, stimulative economic policies, and even the depreciation of the U.S. dollar.  In the coming year,  South Korea is expected to capitalize on their growing middle class as well as cater to some...

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Back to SchoolOpen in a New Window

The globalEDGE team is back in the office today!  With our arrival, we wanted to just take a blog post to highlight some of our incredible resources.  If you’re writing a paper or need to prepare a report our website has valuable statistics and general trade information for you. Included in our Global Insights section are Trade Bloc, Industry, Economic Classification, Country, and State pages.  Country pages offer an overview of a country’s economy, trade...

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Gulf Countries introduce VAT into their Tax SystemsOpen in a New Window

The UAE and Saudi governments have finally implemented the Value Added Tax (VAT) system on the 1st of 2018, after more than year of planning. Many business and individuals are still struggling to grasp how to handle this new tax system. The VAT was set at 5% in both countries and is expected to stay at that rate. This rate applies to almost every good or service one purchases daily, with the exception of certain specified items stated by each government. The introduction of VAT has...

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An Outlook on the Oil Market for 2018Open in a New Window

Late last year Russia and OPEC agreed to extend their agreement to decrease oil production until the end of 2018.  Russia, OPEC, and other major oil-producing countries agreed to reduce their oil production in 2017 in an attempt to decrease the global supply of oil and in turn increase the price of oil.  An extension was signed in advance of the previous deal ending in this coming March.  The original cut in oil production was in response to falling oil prices....

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Economic Impact of TerrorismOpen in a New Window

Terrorism, a word that has been popping up all over the news in the past decade. With multiple different forms of this horrendous crime, they are affecting the world in many different ways. The economic impact of terrorism has reached an all-time high with larger security measures being implemented, more cleanups occurring and less traveling taking place due to fear which has been instilled. Currently, there are five major ways which terrorism is impacting the economy: direct economic...

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A Phenomenal Season of Holiday Retail SalesOpen in a New Window

In October, the National Retail Federation announced that it expected holiday sales to increase between 3.6 and 4 percent in 2017. This would create a total spending of $678.75 billion to $682 billion, up from $655.8 billion last year. After the primary holiday shopping season concluded on December 24th, the U.S. economy slashed these estimates, resulting in a 4.9 percent yearly increase in this time period. Reasons for the increase include: strong growth in the home goods category, heavy...

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2018 Global OutlookOpen in a New Window

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of the ‘Great Recession.’ The subprime mortgage crisis ignited the 2008-09 financial crisis in the US, which rippled through almost every market in the world causing a global meltdown. America itself is estimated to have lost about $4 trillion from the financial crisis and its labor market has not yet recovered ever since. So, what should we expect this upcoming year? The Absolute Strategy Research Center (ASR) gathered a large number...

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The Death of Retail ShoppingOpen in a New Window

Although overall retail spending has continued to grow, factors such as e-commerce and an abundance of shopping malls are changing the way people shop.  Today, e-commerce sales are steadily increasing, with Amazon sales rising from $16 billion to $80 billion between 2010 and 2016, and nearly half of all United States households are now Amazon Prime subscribers.  Also, according to Cowen and Company’s research analysts, between 1970 and 2015 the number of shopping malls in the...

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The Global Standing of Video GamesOpen in a New Window

Flipping on the television, powering up a gaming device, and relaxing on the couch has become a routine for millions of people around the globe—in fact, it’s estimated that more than 1.8 billion people are playing video games worldwide on a range of devices from smartphones, to game consoles and computers.  In the US alone, there are 2,858 video game companies and 65,678 workers within those companies based on Forbes estimates.  According to Newzoo, these people along with...

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Global Banana CrisisOpen in a New Window

With over $25 billion in global sales, the banana is the world’s most popular fruit. However, the spread of a fungal disease, commonly known as Panama Disease, is threatening the existence of the banana as we know it. The soil-borne fungus has already damaged approximately one-third of Asia and Australia’s banana plantations and has spread west to the Middle East and Africa. If the disease makes its way to Latin America and the Caribbean, which account for 85% of world banana...

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The Business Approach of International EducationOpen in a New Window

There is no doubt that studying abroad has become one of the most established business sectors in international education. The number of students studying abroad is increasing every year and this is encouraging institutions and governments to tap into the market. Becoming a part of this growing industry has a great business impact on educational institutions, organizations, and faculties. Learning abroad can be beneficial to students in many different ways. It does not only give you the...

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Somalia: The Informal Economy of an Anarchist StateOpen in a New Window

Created in 1960 via the union of newly independent British and Italian Somaliland, the coastal country in the Horn of Africa has a long history of instability, insurgency, and anarchy. Less than a decade after its creation, the elected government of Somalia was overthrown in a coup that ushered in an authoritarian socialist rule that saw the nationalization of the economy of persecution of political dissidents. The authoritarian government collapsed in 1991, after more than 30 years in power,...

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Is the Future of the Olympic Games as Prosperous as the Past?Open in a New Window

As the 2018 Winter Olympic Games transcends upon us, it is an interesting time to research the Olympics business model and gain an understanding of their past successes and cloudy future When Budapest, a frontrunner to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games dropped out of the running, an unofficial signal was shown to the Olympic Committee that changes need to be made for the current Olympics business model. The reason being, “to avoid a loss of international prestige” as said by...

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Gifts to the WorldOpen in a New Window

Last fall, college students participated in the annual ritual of moving into campus housing.  It’s different now than it was in the 1970's and 80's when some of you readers were heading off to college. One big difference is the number of students going abroad for at least a year of their university education.  Yes, there were such students back in the day, but their numbers paled compared to the traffic generated across the oceans this month.  Passing through...

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