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Rey Ybarra

Rey Ybarra

Author & Producer Conversations with Shark Tank Winners

Professional Bio

Based on the popularity of last year's session, we are happy to welcome back Rey Ybarra and previous Shark Tank participants as part of our NACCE 2020 Keynote Speaker line up!

Rey Ybarra is the author/producer of the multimedia book "Conversations With Shark Tank Winners" featuring written, audio & video stories with 14 entrepreneurs from the hit TV show "Shark Tank". He is the creator & producer of his Live Panel Presentation featuring a variety of successful Shark Tank entrepreneurs designed to empower and give college students direction, guidance and focus to pursue their education and explore opportunities as an entrepreneur! Rey has partnered and toured the U.S. with some of the biggest organizations for small business owners/entrepreneurs including the Network After Work Group with over 1.5 million members and The Small Business Expo along with various organizations. He is currently on tour moderating and producing his panel presentations for colleges, entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Rey's panel at NACCE 2020 will feature the following previous Shark Tank participants:
-Jerry Hancock of SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream
-more to be announced soon!

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Conversations with Shark Tank Winners Conversations with Shark Tank Winners