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How-To-Do-It Room

Here is a sampling of conference session. Check back every day for more updates!

Presenter: Quasan Shaw, Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, WI
Additional Presenters: Amy Valente, Amy Valente, Business Instructor, Cayuga Community College, NACCE Fellow

This presentation will show you how to successfully implement an entrepreneurship program on your campus through an interview with the entrepreneurship coordinator at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. He will share his efforts to rebuild a discontinued program, best practices to overcome the internal and external challenges that he faced, and how NACCE can help.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Consider next steps in how to create or rebuild entrepreneurial programs on their campus.
  2. Create activities and programs that engage faculty and the community based on the best practices that we have identified.
  3. Implement an entrepreneurial mindset across the entire community college spectrum.

How to Do It Engaging Students - Strength based Learning

Presenters: Carlene Cassidy, Associate Professor, Anne Arundel Community College; Diane Sabato, Associate Professor, Springfield Technical Community College

During this interactive session, you will learn about several different personal strengths assessment tools and how they can be used with students to foster personal discovery and with faculty and staff to nurture professional development. Come to this session for a roadmap of how to apply these learnings when you return to campus.

Learning Objective 1: Understand landscape of resources available, including Strengths Quest and VIA

Learning Objective 2: Recognize opportunities how these resources might be used in the classroom or staff development to create greater self-awareness and better teams

Learning Objective 3: Engage in actual learning strengths-based activities for students and faculty

How to Do It! Using Institutional Research to Guide Development of an Entrepreneurship Program Framework

Presenter: Andy Gold, Business Professor and Social Entrepreneur, Hillsborough Community College
Additional Presenters: Beth Kerly, a Business Professor, Hillsborough Community College
Conference Track: How To Do It
Audience Level: All Levels
Level of Interaction: Interactive

What do consumers want? Lean Start up says ask before your build. Hillsborough Community College utilized the business model canvas to thoroughly review its entrepreneurial academic programs, survey the community, and develop responsive programming. Attendees will be challenged to think about the importance of being adaptable, and share how they can continue research efforts with HCC.

Learning Objective 1: Understand how institutional research helps guide development of an entrepreneurship program.

Learning Objective 2: Participate in the Hillsborough Community College research initiative

Learning Objective 3: Learn how to apply an entrepreneurial approach toward developing a new program, and how adaptability is crucial in ensuring success.

Connecting to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Beyond Campus

Presenter: Sheena Lindahl, Partner, Empact, NJ
Additional Presenters: Sheena Lindal, Norris Krueger, Gary Muller and Tim Putnam
Conference Track: Leverage Both Community College and Community Assets to Spur Innovation and Job Creation
Format: Panel
Audience Level: All Levels
Level of Interaction: Interactive

Vibrant and healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem spur innovation, business starts and job creation. It is critical for community colleges to tap into these systems to both leverage the resources of the ecosystem as well as share the assets of the college. This hands on session will provide tools to map your ecosystem, position your program, determine initial partners and tips for engaging.

Learning Objective 1: Learn how to map your local entreprenuerial ecosystem

Learning Objective 2: Determine how to position your program within your ecosystem

Learning Objective 3: Identify initial partners and learn how to approach them

Building a State Wide Summit on Entrepreneurship & Economic Development: Do's and Don'ts

Presenter: Otis J White, Faculty Chair of Business & Public Administration at Rio Salado College
Additional Presenters: Dr. Douglas Allen, President, Ridgewater Community College, MN
Conference Track: Create or Expand Internal & External Teams Dedicated to Entrepreneurship
Audience Level:
Level of Interaction:

This presentation will cover the design and implementation of the Arizona and Minnesota Statewide Summits on Community College Entrepreneurship. Information will include funding sources, community partnerships, statewide stakeholder relations and ways to maximize the event to benefit the colleges attending. The presentation will also include the establishment of post-summit working groups and their duties following the summit.

Learning Objective #1: Learn how to convene a state wide summit

Learning Objective #2: Understand best practices on agenda for the summit

Learning Objective #3: Brainstorm on opportunities and challenges for a post-summit working group

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