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NACCE 2023
The Beat of Collaboration


The NACCE Annual Conference is a premier gathering of entrepreneurial minds, thought leaders, educators, and industry experts from around the country. Nearly 500 higher education professionals who want to take innovative action and foster entrepreneurship in classrooms, on campuses, and in communities gather to share best practices and innovative solutions.

Sponsorship of this conference provides a unique opportunity to connect with college chancellors, presidents, faculty, administrators, foundation leaders and government officials who are looking for tools to teach entrepreneurship as well as solutions to common challenges such as student engagement, completion and alternative sources of revenue. 

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Historical Data | 2022 Annual Conference (Hybrid)

  • 400 Registered Attendees
  • 200 Organizations Represented
  • 40 States Represented

Historical Data | 2021 Annual Conference (Hybrid)

  • 478 Registered Attendees
  • 229 Organizations Represented
  • 41 States Represented

Historical Data | 2020 Annual Conference (Fully virtual)

  • 464 Registered Attendees
  • 195 Organizations Represented
  • 38 States Represented

Historical Data | 2019 Annual Conference (Fully in-person)

  • 685 Registered Attendees
  • 252 Organizations Represented
  • 39 States Represented