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globalEDGE International Business Blog
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Why the Price of Oil is Dropping Worldwide and its Economic EffectOpen in a New Window

The ever-changing oil industry is currently facing a downturn, as the price of oil per barrel has been cut roughly in half since June 2014, the lowest since the economic recession in 2009. Over the last decade, oil prices were normally around $90 or $100 per barrel. On Tuesday, the international standard of Brent crude oil was trading at around $46 per barrel while American oil was trading at around $43 per barrel. There are several different reasons why oil prices have...

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Terrorism's Effect on the Global Travel and Tourism IndustryOpen in a New Window

Over the past month, there has been a surge in global terrorism. Major terrorist incidents include the downing of a Russian plane over the Sinai Peninsula, deadly assaults on Paris, and suicide bombings in Turkey, Lebanon, and Nigeria. There have also been several other attacks, mainly concentrated across the Middle East and Northern Africa. While these devastating attacks are first and foremost a humanitarian issue, they undoubtedly have business consequences, ranging from physical damage...

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gE Blog Series: What Can globalEDGE Do for Your Business Part 5: CORE Diagnostic ToolOpen in a New Window

For businesses seeking to further understand what it takes to expand operations internationally, CORE™ does just this for you. CORE™ is a self-assessment tool that will allow you to determine your company’s readiness to operate internationally and export a particular product. Upon completion of a questionnaire, CORE™ is able to identify a company’s strengths and weaknesses concerning exporting. These responses by CORE™ are separated into organizational...

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New gE Resource: U.S. Export Assistance CentersOpen in a New Window

Do you need to find the U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC) that covers a certain ZIP code area in the United States? Then this new globalEDGE resource is just what you need. The new ‘Look Up’ tool, located in the Trade Contacts page of the Insights by State section, helps you search for any ZIP code within the U.S., and provides you with the contact information of the USEAC office(s) that covers that particular ZIP Code area. There are more than 100 USEACs located across the...

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gE Blog Series: What Can globalEDGE Do for Your Business Part 4 - Export TutorialsOpen in a New Window

One of the many great resources available on globalEDGE is the export tutorials. This resource is located in the Reference Desk section of the globalEDGE website. The export tutorials offer information and helpful tips for individuals or companies looking to take their products internationally. There are five main headers: export readiness, government regulations, financial considerations, sales and marketing, and logistics. Under each header are important questions relating to that...

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Big Year for M&A in Semiconductor IndustryOpen in a New Window

2015 has been a huge year for mergers and acquisitions, with current projections predicting the total value for the year will be the highest since pre-recession levels. Well-known industry leaders such AbbVie and Pharmacyclics, Royal Dutch Shell and BG Group, and Kraft and Heinz have all announced mergers this year, creating huge international corporations to compete in the global market. Several sectors have seen a large share of the activity, one being the technology industry, especially in...

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gE Blog Series: What Can globalEDGE Do for Your Business Part 3 - Online Course ModulesOpen in a New Window

If you are looking to prepare for the Certified Global Business Professional Credential, find educational resources for your classroom, or learn more about all aspects of international business, look no further than globalEDGE's Online Course Modules. Our website contains over fifty modules, each with information on various issues in international business. Topics covered include country culture, exporting, microfinance, and doing business in different regions of the world, such...

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gE Blog Series: What Can globalEDGE Do for Your Business Part 2 - Culture ResourcesOpen in a New Window

Located in the Global Resource Directory, globalEDGE’s culture resources provide information about greetings, etiquette, and gestures in order to increase cultural understanding and cross-cultural communications. The information provided can be useful for a businessperson or casual traveler, and these resources contain information regarding the business culture of a wide variety of countries. This particular section also provides globalEDGE online course modules that cover the topics...

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gE Blog Series: What Can globalEDGE Do for Your Business Part 1 - IntroductionOpen in a New Window

Are you looking to take your business global? Are you looking for ways to expand your business’s trade opportunities in the international marketplace? Are you simply looking to expand your international trade and business knowledge? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, globalEDGE has numerous resources that can be of great assistance to you and your business. Over the next few days, the globalEDGE blog will feature resources available on globalEDGE that can help any business...

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Common Mistakes When Taking a Company GlobalOpen in a New Window

Expanding a company abroad can provide a number of advantages for a company. The sales life of products and services can be extended by finding new markets to sell them in, thereby reducing dependence on domestic markets. Additionally, there is an increased ability to even out sales by tapping into new markets that may have different fluctuations if your business is troubled by seasonal changes or fluctuating demand cycles in the native country. Still, many countries assume that these...

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Have the BRIC Nations Broken?Open in a New Window

The once mighty emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, and China are currently experiencing the negative consequences that come with the title "Emerging Markets". Brazil and Russia are experiencing terrible recessions, China is attempting to control a stagnant market, and India is struggling with economic reforms. To give an indication of the severity of the situation, Goldman Sachs, whose former chief economist coined the title given to the BRIC countries, has recently...

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Currency, Commodity, and the Future of MoneyOpen in a New Window

Over the duration of its rather short history, Bitcoin has gained popularity and economic clout but also its fair share of skeptics. The peer-to-peer lending system utilizes data mining, based on the idea that there is a finite number of bitcoins, and flaunts its decentralized network. Basically, there is a certain point in time when all existing bitcoins will be extracted and there is no single entity, like a central bank, that has the ability to generate more. This important distinction has...

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New gE Resource: U.S. International Trade Administration OfficesOpen in a New Window

A new segment has just been added to the resource tab of the country pages within the global insight section of globalEDGE. For all countries with available information, the U.S. International Trade Administration (ITA) Offices resource has just been added and now provides user with contact and address information for almost 200 ITA centers worldwide. For example, the United States resource tab has information for every ITA office located within the U.S. The ITA provides companies...

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European Technology IndustryOpen in a New Window

Back in the 18th century, Europe was considered one of the most powerful technology innovation centers in the word. However, over the past decade, its technology industry growth has been lagging far behind that of the U.S., Israel, or even emerging markets such as China and India. This blog will discuss some reasons that contribute to the poor growth in the technology industry in Europe, as well as present some strategies being put in place by governments and European...

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Evaluating the Decision to Expand OverseasOpen in a New Window

Expanding a business overseas is a great way to gain access to new customers and can lead to tremendous growth for a company. However, it is important to weigh the potential risks and rewards to determine the viability of expanding a business internationally. In order to be successful in foreign markets, businesses must develop a market strategy, operating model, and product that are specific to the market or markets that are being targeted. The following paragraphs identify four tips that...

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Is Recent Success Sustainable for Japanese Automaker?Open in a New Window

Just this week, Nissan Motor Co. announced its quarterly earnings, which revealed that its profits had experienced a 37 percent surge during the first half of the fiscal year. Because of this revenue spike, Nissan's net income through March is now projected to reach $4.44 billion, an unprecedented level in the company's history. Nissan is now experiencing its fastest sales growth in over ten years, citing rising demand in the United States...

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New Baby Boom for China? Not So FastOpen in a New Window

China has a problem. In fact, China has multiple problems, but perhaps the most concerning issue is its greying populace. Throughout the world, advances in technology and knowledge in the general population of birth control, have left advanced countries facing demographic crises. China is no different, and while not considered an advanced country, it faces similar issues that are plaguing its population. Overpopulation is a hot topic amongst the media and everyday people, but the fact...

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New on gE: Redesigned Trade Blocs PagesOpen in a New Window

The globalEDGE team is excited to announce that we have successfully added new trade blocs, as well as redesigned the layout for many of the sections related to trade blocs. If you look at the Global Insights by Trade Bloc page, you will notice that there are 10 new trade blocs: ANCOM, APTA, the Arab League, CEFTA, EAC, EAEU, ECCAS, EFTA, OECS, and SAARC. By clicking on each individual bloc, you will also notice that we have redesigned the Introduction, History, Membership,...

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Class Action Lawsuit Could Cost Car-Maker BillionsOpen in a New Window

A month ago, I wrote about how the Volkswagen Emissions Crisis could affect the German Economy. Recently in Australia, Bannister Law filed two class action lawsuits in federal court on behalf of Australian citizens who purchased the defective Volkswagen vehicles. More than 100,000 cars in Australia had been sold with software that manipulated pollution controls. The basis behind the lawsuit comes down to the fact that the vehicles would not have obtained compliance under the Motor...

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New Resource on globalEDGEOpen in a New Window

The globalEDGE team is excited to introduce a new resource that has been added to the site. The International Property Rights Index 2014 is an economic index study on the correlation between economic success and property rights. The study includes physical and intellectual property rights data for 94 countries. There has been ever increasing evidence of the strong correlation between economic freedom and the protection of property rights, and The 2014 International Property Rights Index...

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