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A Depiction of 3 Major Political Regimes, Their Economies, and Philosophies on Foreign Direct InvestmentOpen in a New Window

Although modern economies have increasingly become globalized, opinions of foreign direct investments (FDI) have varied throughout human history. When researching the history of prominent global economies, I realized that many have had the opportunity for strategic global expansion into international markets. This can be seen in different political schemes including the Soviet Union, United States, and China. The Soviet Union is a centralized economy, the United States a decentralized...

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The Rise of Autonomous Cargo VesselsOpen in a New Window

The maritime industry is being revolutionized this year, with the introduction of “smart ships.” The maritime transport carries more than 90% of world trade annually and is the most cost-effective mode of transportation for mass goods and raw materials worldwide. Advancements in technology have built a strong platform for the creation of autonomous ships. The sensory technology and algorithms needed for a virtual captain already exist and it’s only a matter of time until we...

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Black Friday Sales Continuing to Hold StrongOpen in a New Window

2017 is quickly coming to an end with many major holidays approaching in the blink of an eye. People are beginning to search for the perfect gift for their significant other and grandmothers. Black Friday, and more recently Cyber Monday has played a large part in the purchasing of holiday gifts. Black Friday originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 1950s and expanded across the globe in the last ten years. Some have begun to speculate that Black Friday is dying out due to the age of...

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International Students Experience Educational EnrichmentOpen in a New Window

This is the final post in a five-part blog series focused on International Education Week. International Education Week wouldn’t be complete without the central force that drives international education—international students.  With a record 1.08 million foreign students enrolled in approximately 2,100 US institutions, education in America is as enticing as ever.  Students from China account for nearly a third of foreign enrollees, with 350,000 students coming to the US...

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Benefits of an International Education for Younger StudentsOpen in a New Window

This is the fourth post in a five-part blog series focused on International Education Week.  An international education has numerous benefits for students in grades kindergarten-12th grade (K-12).  When students travel between different countries they tend to be more comfortable with cross-cultural interactions, have the opportunity to learn multiple languages, and develop relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and in different places around the world.  All of these...

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The Importance of International EducationOpen in a New Window

This is the third post in a five-part blog series focused on International Education Week. Advancements in technology have led to the world being more interconnected than ever before. Today we are a mere click away from being face to face with our counterparty, who could be halfway across the world. This interconnectedness has had an incalculable effect on society, both from a social and business perspective. It is now impossible to live in the silo on one’s home nation without being...

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Student Benefits of Study Abroad ProgramsOpen in a New Window

This is the second post in a five-part blog series focused on International Education Week. International Education Week is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to encourage global education. From November 13-17, individuals and institutions will be promoting international education programs that prepare Americans for a global environment as well as attract future leaders to study, learn and exchange experiences....

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International Education Week 2017 Blog Series IntroductionOpen in a New Window

This is the first post in a five-part blog series focused on International Education Week. This week’s globablEDGE blog series will highlight the 18th annual International Education Week (IEW) that occurs November 13-November 17. IEW is an initiative of the US Department of State and US Department of Education that encourages educational institutions, businesses, and organizations around the world to host events in celebration of international students, study abroad programs, and...

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International Effects of InflationOpen in a New Window

Inflation is a huge problem for many economies worldwide.   In countries like Venezuela, Argentina, and Ukraine the average consumer has been largely affected by the inflation currently occurring.  A basic definition of inflation is when the currency used in a country experiencing inflation buys fewer goods, the purchasing power decreases.  This is often bad for consumers, especially in countries experiencing very high inflation rates because they are not paid enough to...

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Could Your Next Ride be in a Flying Taxi?Open in a New Window

Artificial intelligence is starting to have a great impact on the transportation sector worldwide. Self-balancing electric flying vehicles are pushing the future means of transportation to a whole new level. The first certified multicopter was tested in Bruchsal, Germany last year. Since then, different countries and companies around the world have shown interest in this new technology. Two of the world’s most dynamic cities, Dubai and Singapore, have begun revealing their strong...

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The Growth of Green FinancingOpen in a New Window

According to the World Economic Forum, at least $700 Billion should be invested yearly in order to monitor and maintain stable carbon levels. ‘Green financing’ is an innovative solution to this monetary issue that promotes the investment of private funds. Holistically, green financing is an idea that allows investors to profit off eco-friendly projects. Green Bonds are an example of this financing popular with the World Bank. Since 2008, they have issued over $10.2 Billion worth...

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How International Integration Allows Companies to GrowOpen in a New Window

Many companies seek growth opportunities through integrating either vertically or horizontally with other companies. Vertical integration is a strategy where companies expand their business into their production chain (backward integration) or distribution path (forward integration), and these are generally achieved by M&A or internal growth. While horizontal integration is when a company acquires or merges with another company on the same level of the value chain, in other words, a...

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Global Impact of the Winter Olympics: South KoreaOpen in a New Window

The Olympics have been a household staple occurring biannually for multiple centuries now. In less than 100 days, PyeongChang, South Korea will join the ranks of other cities who have had the honor of hosting the Games. This event kicks off with opening ceremonies starting on February 9th, with competitive events beginning on the 8th, till the 25th with 102 events in 15 sports. This year will be the first year for big air snowboarding, which is replacing the parallel slalom, mixed doubles...

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Global Candy Market Continues to RiseOpen in a New Window

As Halloween week winds down, consumers across the nation will begin the process of slowly making a dent in a pile of over 600 million pounds of one of the world’s most coveted treats—candy.  Candy—also called confectionery and comprised of chocolate, sugar, and gum products—has been one of the most popular goods on the globe since 1894, with worldwide confectionery sales anticipated to increase 3.2 percent by 2022 and valued at 85.5 billion dollars in...

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Developments in Virtual Reality TechnologyOpen in a New Window

Virtual reality has been making great strides in the gaming industry, but also has many possible benefits within business.  Virtual reality is not yet widely accepted by the public, with devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive still not having as much success as was expected.  However, there has been an increasing interest in virtual reality technology by the public and by major companies as new uses for the technology are being discovered.  According to Reuters, there has...

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Buttergate: International Market Forces are Leaving the French without Butter for their CroissantsOpen in a New Window

#BeurreGate, which translates to “Butter Gate”, has been trending across France as consumers are finding the butter shelves at their local supermarkets empty. Many of these social media posts have been satirical in nature including false advertisements with absurd prices and even a short film, which depicts a post-apocalyptic France that has descended into anarchy without access to the national staple. While the true situation is not nearly as dire, French consumers are finding it...

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Countries Affected by Projected Increase in Global TravelOpen in a New Window

This year, the International Air Transport Association anticipates four billion people will engage in global travel. By the year 2036, it is expected to nearly double to 7.8 billion—half of which will solely be from people living in Asia. High rates of international travel indicate economic well-being, and increased globalization will continue to drive demand. Areas experiencing a spike in international travel will benefit from the influx of money from...

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The International Supply Chain of the Great Lakes RegionOpen in a New Window

The United States is Canada’s number one trading partner, and Canada is America’s second largest. However, to what extent does the amount of trade between these two nations span? The Great Lakes Region is composed of the two Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec, and the eight states of Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. The Gross Domestic Product of the Great Lakes Region is $6 trillion, which means that if the region were a...

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Biofuels in the Modern Energy MarketOpen in a New Window

Many still think of biofuels as the fuel of the future.  They think of a futuristic technology that still has not really been developed fully.  Biofuels have actually been around much longer than most people realize.  Henry Ford even planned to have his Model T run on ethanol way back in the early 1900s.  Problems with today’s energy sources often come up because of the harm they can cause to the environment.  Biofuels may eventually become a solution to both of...

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The Divergence of GlobalizationOpen in a New Window

Globalization created a platform for the world’s people, firms, and governments to become more integrated. It enhances the networks between countries and creates more opportunities. When globalization first began, the anticipated economic theory suggested that regional inequalities would diminish as poorer countries would attract investment more than the rich countries. However, we see inequalities between many countries and within many countries. As time progressed, convergence started...

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