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gE Blog Series: Global E-Commerce Part 5 – globalEDGE ResourcesOpen in a New Window

This week’s blog series on the global e-commerce industry displayed the many benefits and trends within this rapidly growing industry. However, implementing a global e-commerce strategy can be a difficult and challenging task. These challenges can be overcome with resources right here on globalEDGE. To assist in the implementation of e-commerce on both a country-specific and global level, globalEDGE has a variety of useful tools and resources. Today we will a look at many of these...

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gE Blog Series: Global E-Commerce Part 4 – Fraud in Global E-CommerceOpen in a New Window

With an increase in the popularity of business-to-consumer (B2C) online retail, there has been a surge of fraud in e-commerce and online payments. Fraudulent activities including personal information breaches and untrusted online payments have been deterring consumers, all over the world, from partaking in B2C e-commerce. With these risks in the market, it is likely that many larger online retailers will spend more time and money on fraud prevention and detection. If global companies...

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gE Blog Series: Global E-Commerce Part 3 - Investment Potential in India’s E-Commerce MarketOpen in a New Window

With an Internet penetration rate of 12.6%, investors looking to diversify their portfolio are currently appraising India’s e-commerce market for opportunities with exponential dividends. According to the technology research firm Gartner, India’s e-commerce industry is poised to grow 70% at the end of this year, with revenues crossing $6 billion. This will make it one of the fastest developing segments in Asia alone. Ranging from laptops to mobile phones to tablets, it is the...

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gE Blog Series: Global E-Commerce Part 2 - E-Commerce Growth Led by Emerging MarketsOpen in a New Window

Investment in Africa’s emerging markets is booming, and it is no different for the e-commerce industry. Online shopping is in its early stages in Africa, and the growth potential is immense. E-commerce growth will provide e-retailers, both local and foreign, the opportunity to develop retail sites to satisfy the demand in this market. Besides Africa, e-commerce growth is taking place in other emerging markets like Russia, China, and India. In all emerging markets, technology is...

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gE Blog Series: Global E-Commerce Part 1 - Tips for SuccessOpen in a New Window

E-commerce has quickly become a major factor for businesses across the world, as consumers’ comfort with online shopping continues to increase. With more options, better prices, and the flexibility of shopping at home, e-commerce has opened a new avenue for companies to conduct business, with global sales expected to hit $1.5 trillion in 2014. This avenue has also allowed companies to expand their operations across the globe, tapping new, lucrative markets. With this global expansion has...

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U.S. and India Agreement over Food Security in WTOOpen in a New Window

Earlier this week, the United States and India were able to reach a breakthrough in negotiations regarding food security issues, which international trade analysts have speculated could lead to an international trade deal worth $1 trillion USD for the global economy. Debates regarding India's food security programs, which the country views as vital for ensuring meals for its poorest citizens, had continued for months since proposals of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) were first made...

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Currency Competition and the Global Debt CrisisOpen in a New Window

Global financial markets have suffered from selfish decisions made by central banks in various countries. There have been talks of currency wars coming from emerging markets trying to manipulate their currencies in order to get the best pricing for growth. Now, there has been currency competition within developed countries. The Fed recently decided to halt its quantitative easing operation which purchases bonds to lower long-term interest rates. When the government owns most of these bonds, the...

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New Visa Arrangement between the US and ChinaOpen in a New Window

President Obama began his week-long trip abroad this Monday in Beijing, where he was attending the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. While at the conference, President Obama unveiled a new visa agreement with the Chinese government. The new agreement extends tourist and business visas from one year to ten years, the longest allowed under US law. Student visas are also extended from one year to five years. The visa reforms went into effect Wednesday, November 14th....

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Is Burma Asia's Next Investment Goldmine?Open in a New Window

Southeast Asia has been lauded for its robust connectivity and commerce within sectors ranging from manufacturing to tourism to technology for the past few decades. And, in light of recent events, Burma (also known as Myanmar) seems to be following the same trend. Last month, more than 22 companies announced they will move manufacturing facilities into Burma’s Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The initiative is one of the first steps President Thein Sein took to reintegrate Burma in...

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Testing the Limits of the US Crude Oil Export BanOpen in a New Window

Amidst the overshadowing election events, a Texas company defied the norm and exported domestic oil to a foreign customer, despite the government ban on exporting crude oil. This ban has been in effect since the 1970’s Arab Oil Embargo crisis. The company, BHP Billiton, struck a deal to sell $50 million worth of a lightweight-oil called condensate to foreign purchasers without government approval. This is the first instance where a company has exported US crude oil without the...

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Globalization of TaxationOpen in a New Window

With multi-nationals operating across the world, it is relatively easy for these companies to shift activities to countries where the tax rates are significantly lower or nonexistent. In recent years, this has caused significant political and public reactions. Citizens and politicians are looking to ensure that companies pay their fair share of tax. Leaders of the world's largest economies are scheduled to meet to determine whether the ratification of new global tax rules can solve...

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Rivalry of Eastern and Western Oil Companies in U.A.EOpen in a New Window

It has been almost a year since the expiry of the 75-year-old concession of Abu Dhabi with western oil companies. Having been working as service providers and not getting paid in oil this past year, the Western oil companies are among the hopefuls to win the bidding for Abu Dhabi’s new oil concession. These companies are hoping to keep their stakes in the Persian Gulf, which is the one of the few major oil-producing areas that allows international companies to hold direct shares. Now they...

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China Accelerates Overseas Direct InvestmentOpen in a New Window

If projections hold true, 2014 will be the first year China’s investment overseas exceeds foreign direct investment into China. Foreign investment in China is expected to reach $120 billion this year, and it is predicted that China’s investment in other nations will surpass this amount. By acquiring foreign companies, Chinese firms will grow internationally and be able to contribute useful technologies and innovations to new markets. At a recent press conference in Beijing,...

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Cloud Computing's Increasing Importance for BusinessesOpen in a New Window

In the fast paced business world of today, adoption of the latest technological advances is essential for sustainability and growth. One area of technology that more and more businesses are taking advantage of is the cloud, which allows data to be stored remotely on servers across the world. This remote storage has many advantages for businesses, such as allowing companies to rent hardware instead of purchasing the infrastructure themselves - which can be very costly. Cloud storage also gives...

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Global Mining Sector Faces Productivity ChallengesOpen in a New Window

Currently, businesses in the global mining sector are seeing “diseconomies of scale”, possibly due to the size and intricacy of the industry. Ernst & Young, one of the big four accounting firms, published a report titled Productivity in Mining: now comes the hard part, that dives deep into the current issues in the mining sector that are causing such diseconomies of scale. Over the last few years, the goal of these businesses has been to increase output. This means that mines...

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Economic Struggles in ChinaOpen in a New Window

In an earlier blog post, I discussed how the restructuring of China's economy by its government had the potential to affect other nations and impact the global economy. In this post, I will be discussing the economic and political struggles it is currently facing and how these issues are influencing Western nations. China is currently having trouble with its slowing economy as well as a tough anti-corruption campaign that deals with government figures and local business. Currently, the...

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India's Growth Attracting InvestorsOpen in a New Window

India has recently seen an explosion in startups, becoming the third largest country in terms of startup companies. These can be attributed to the rapid economic growth and the large amount of available capital in the country. Also, with all of the rapid growth the country has been undergoing, mergers and acquisitions activity has increased as well. The country added around 650 startups last year and more than 800 this year to reach 3,100 startups in total. India’s government has...

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New globalEDGE Country Government PagesOpen in a New Window

In the midst of an autumn season consisting of changing leaves, dropping temperatures, and new webpage releases from globalEDGE, the brand new country government pages have now officially been published! The intention of redesigning the former government pages was not only to provide key information and data in a user-friendly format, but to highlight the aspects of foreign governments that are the most important with regards to international business as well. With this in mind, the new pages...

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Child Labor: A Global IssueOpen in a New Window

Recently, an Indian activist named Kailash Satyarthi won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to protect the rights of children in the global labor force. Satyarthi created a South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude which has battled child labor by raiding factories across India and liberating more than 40,000 bonded workers. He has also campaigned for increased legislature banning child labor and created a global campaign against the issue, made up of over 2,000 civil society organizations...

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Iran: The Last Untapped Emerging MarketOpen in a New Window

“Iran is the last, large, untapped emerging market in the world.”  These were the words of Ramin Rabii, a chief executive of the top foreign investment company in Iran, following The 1st Europe-Iran Forum.  At this forum hundreds of international investors met with Iranian business leaders, and also heard from speakers such as the United Kingdom’s former foreign secretary Jack Straw. The country has seen many changes over the past year and a half. The changes...

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