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Data Analytics and its Role in the Financial SectorOpen in a New Window

The rapid growth in the fintech industry is revolutionizing the financial industry, forcing traditional banks and new startups to become more technologically advanced. Customer behavior is an area that has a lot of potential for financial institutions to gain insights through data analytics. Data analytics would allow banks and other institutions to have agile systems that learn through experience, where they would automatically refine the algorithms to improve results. Lately, the financial...

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The Global Arms TradeOpen in a New Window

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) is an independent organization that conducts research on global security. More specifically SIPRI collects data on military expenditures and the international arms trade. SIPRI released their latest data for 2016, this Monday, February 21st. The headline of their latest data release is that global arms trade volume has reached its highest point since the end of the Cold War in 1990. While the overall global uptick is intriguing...

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UK Space Program ProposalOpen in a New Window

The United Kingdom recently announced that they could be leaping into space by 2020. Up until now, the UK has been dependent on countries such as the United States, India and Japan to help launch their satellites. However, the British have just announced a proposal, the Spaceflight Bill, which contains information on the establishment and operation of spaceports across the United Kingdom. This proposal is estimated to be worth over 30 billion dollars in the next 20 years, which will...

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Falling Bee PopulationsOpen in a New Window

Since 2006 the rate at which beehives die has jumped from 5-10% a year to about 30%. In the United States roughly 10 million beehives, worth an estimated $2 billion, died from 2006-2015. These statistics become even more alarming when you realize how important bees are to the world’s economy. Bees have been identified by a United Nations Environment Programme report as the most economically important pollinators in the majority of the world’s regions. There are...

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Economic Uncertainty Runs Rampant in UKOpen in a New Window

The European Commission recently adjusted their forecast for the economic growth of the United Kingdom for 2017. Although the U.K. is expected to slow its economic growth relative to the previous year, the Commission now anticipates an annual growth of 1.5% in 2017; up from their previous prediction of 1.0%. The European Commission still expects an annual growth of 1.2% by 2018, which would still remain far below their 2% growth in 2016. This decrease in economic growth could be a response...

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gE Blog Series: Agriculture Industry Part 5 - Future of AgricultureOpen in a New Window

Agriculture has been, and always will be, a crucial part of our existence. This industry is continually evolving; in the past, improvements consisted of machinery becoming more effective, or incorporating animals into the seeding and harvesting process. Today, technology is playing the biggest part in how we grow our food. In 1900, around 41% of America's labor force was employed through the agriculture industry alone. Today, due to...

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gE Blog Series: Agriculture Industry Part 4 - Climate Change's Impact on AgricultureOpen in a New Window

Over the past few decades, the global agriculture industry has been forced to adjust to sweeping societal changes, including booming population growth, increasing urbanization, decreasing rural populations, and a steep decline in the number of farmers. The industry has been able to shift in certain ways in order to face these challenges—technological incorporation, increased production efficiency, and a focus on mass industrial output. However, the...

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gE Blog Series: Agriculture Industry Part 3 - Latin American OutlookOpen in a New Window

There are a wide variety of successes and shortcomings currently taking place within the Latin American agriculture industry. President Michel Temer of Brazil and President Mauricio Macri of Argentina met last week to discuss the status of sugar in the Mercosur trade bloc. Mercosur includes countries such as Uruguay, Paraguay, and Venezuela, and currently, sugar is not included on the list of goods that are subject to free trade in the trade bloc. Farmers in Argentina fear that if current...

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gE Blog Series: Agriculture Industry Part 2 - Armyworm in South AfricaOpen in a New Window

After a long period of droughts in Zimbabwe, persistent rains in the region renewed hope for farmers across South Africa that food shortages might finally let up. A lengthy drought seemed to be the worst of the agricultural industry's problem, but a new pest has taken over those fears and multiplied them. An outbreak of armyworms in countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi threaten the crop yield for the coming year. The fall armyworm, a vicious and relentless species, gets...

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gE Blog Series: Agriculture Industry Part 1 - IntroductionOpen in a New Window

This week, the globalEDGE blog will be taking a look at the global agriculture industry and its relevance to the international business world. In the following four days, we will look at current stories pertaining to the industry, including a look at Latin America and South Africa, along with how climate change is impacting farmers. On Friday, we will look toward the future, at how new techniques and technologies might improve the economic environment of the industry. The agriculture industry...

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Dr. Tomas Hult Recognized for his ResearchOpen in a New Window

Dr. Tomas Hult, professor of marketing and Byington Endowed Chair at Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business, as well as Director of MSU’s International Business Center, was recently recognized for his outstanding research. Dr. Hult co-authored four articles for the Journal of Marketing last year, the biggest single-year contribution by any expert in the journal’s history. Read more by clicking the link...

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Dispatches from Abroad: A Look at IndonesiaOpen in a New Window

Indonesia is a country where over 50% of the population is under the age of 30. It is a country where the GDP has maintained an annual growth rate of 5% - despite “regulatory slowdowns” that many on the ground here believe could add 2-3% to that figure. And it is a country where hiring an immigration services facilitator to obtain an entry visa and clear customs is advisable, lest the traveler incur their own “regulatory slowdown.” Opportunity and...

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Refugees Entrepreneurial SpiritOpen in a New Window

The word refugees has been thrown around quite often recently due to the several ongoing situations across the world. There is no doubt that the impact of the inflow of refugees into a country is very controversial. They have been welcomed by some and rejected by some. Some look toward the benefits and some look at the disadvantages of allowing in refugees. Some European countries opened their hands wide open and welcomed a substantial amount of refugees, such as Sweden and Germany....

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Demands for Asian Expatriates is on the RiseOpen in a New Window

In recent years, the demand of expatriates has shifted from Westerners to expats from Asia. Many corporations in the West would send their employees to different countries for a short period of time to gain experience and transfer knowledge to their companies. However, companies in Asia are drawing attention due to their global economic success, resulting in an Eastern shift for expats. This trend slowed immediately after the 2007 global financial crisis. Companies were forced to reduce...

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Iran to Construct Oil Refineries and Strike New Energy DealsOpen in a New Window

The 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), known as the Iran nuclear deal, was a global agreement that curtailed multinational sanctions on Iran with the promise that Iran would cut back on its uranium enrichment. Several nations have doubted Iran's full commitment to the deal, especially with news of the recent missile test; nonetheless, the JCPOA has held firm thus far. Helped by the sanctions relief, Iran has now taken a large step in...

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How Southeast Asia is Impacting the Consumer Goods IndustryOpen in a New Window

On Thursday, United Kingdom consumer goods company Reckitt Benckiser placed a bid on Asian firm Mead Johnson for $16.7 billion. Mead Johnson is well known for producing various consumer products, including baby formula, a product with sales of $41 billion in 2014. Asia is currently the fastest-growing market for this product due to the repeal of China’s one-child policy in 2015. Couples can now have two children, after only one was permitted throughout the 36 year long rule. As a result,...

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Dispatches from Abroad: Uncertainty in SingaporeOpen in a New Window

A year ago, the mood in Singapore, if not quite jubilant, was highly optimistic. There was palpable energy around both the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The mood today is marked by uncertainty. There is greater anxiety, it seems, over how Singapore’s economy is evolving and, specifically, whether it is doing so quickly enough. There is anxiety over the influx of foreign workers, as well as the rapidity with which wealthy foreigners are...

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Changing Landscape for Advertisers and Big EventsOpen in a New Window

In the United States this weekend, the country’s biggest event on television, the National Football League’s Super Bowl, will take place. The Super Bowl has become known not only for the play on the field, but also for the advertisements that accompany the television broadcast. For just 30 seconds of air time, a company must pay $5 million for their advertisement, an incredible price that is justified by the huge television audience and the Super Bowl’s unique focus on...

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Morocco Rejoins the African UnionOpen in a New Window

On Monday, January 30th, Morocco was readmitted as a member state of the African Union (AU) following a summit at the AU’s headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Morocco had previously withdrew from the AU’s predecessor, the Organization for African Unity, in 1984 in protest of the organization's decision to allow the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) membership. Morocco and the SADR, which is not officially recognized by the UN, have been in conflict over the Western...

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Greece's Growing Debt TroublesOpen in a New Window

Greece has been in a state of economic uncertainty and crippling levels of debt since the 2008 financial crisis. Recently though, it’s been estimated that the debt levels will skyrocket and result in Greece owing nearly triple its annual output. Save for any substantial debt relief, the IMF estimates an EU-headed aid program of 86 billion euros will be needed to temporarily keep Greece afloat. It is estimated that the debt will rise to 275% of total GDP by 2060. The European...

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