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As a NACCE member, your commitment to educational excellence and community development is paramount. SkillPointe amplifies this commitment by providing an innovative platform that connects job seekers with top training and employment opportunities in leading skills-based industries. By partnering with SkillPointe, your institution can:

  • Attract Diverse Student Demographics: Reach potential students beyond your current scope. SkillPointe's extensive network taps into a vast pool of learners eager for the skills your institution offers.
  • Boost Enrollment and Completion Rates: Engage with students determined to succeed. SkillPointe focuses on learners committed to completing their education and advancing their careers.
  • Meet Community Workforce Needs: Play a pivotal role in your community’s economic development. By aligning your programs with the job market’s demands, you help build a resilient and skilled local workforce.

Only SkillPointe offers this combination of exclusive tools

  • Career exploration focused on 10 high-growth industries.
  • A fast, mobile-friendly career-matching quiz.
  • A one-of-a-kind training search engine, with filters by industry and career, plus options for on-the-job training, apprenticeships and other Earn + Learn programs.
  • Users exploring careers are driven directly to relevant programs on individual college sites. 
  • A tool to answer job seekers' license and certification questions.

How SkillPointe Elevates Your Institution

  • Targeted Outreach: Leverage our platform to showcase your programs to a broader, more diverse, and untapped market. Seventy-five percent of the SkillPointe visitors never visited a community college website.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Gain access to market trends and employment data, enabling you to tailor your courses to meet industry needs.
  • Community Impact: Strengthen your institution’s role as a key player in local economic growth and job creation.
  • Our data demonstrates that SkillPointe referrals to a community college program convert to tuition paying students at a high rate.

Join the SkillPointe Network

  • SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: $5,000 (NACCE members only)
  • Exclusive Benefits for NACCE Members: As a NACCE member, you'll receive tailored support and resources to enhance your institutional offerings and outreach. 
  • Collaborative Growth: Be part of a dynamic network of community colleges focused on empowering the workforce of tomorrow.

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Join us in building a future where education and skills perfectly align with career aspirations and industry needs.

Grow your enrollments. Attract students you aren’t reaching now. Enroll more learners committed to completion. Help your community meet its workforce needs.

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