Presidents for Entrepreneurship Pledge Action Steps Checklist

A Step-by-Step Guide to Weaving Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Mindset into the Fabric of your College and Community 

Infusing entrepreneurship and innovation into your college and community is a team sport. The Presidents for Entrepreneurship Pledge is a great way to celebrate entrepreneurial leadership and empower your team to support activities and initiatives that will contribute to your success.

1. Identify a "Champion" on your campus who is committed to ensuring entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset are invited. 
2. Form a team to focus on entrepreneurship. Make sure you're maximizing your NACCE membership -- everyone is welcome! 
3. Connect with entrepreneurs and small business owners in your community. 
4. Collaborate with industry in your region, reinvigorating existing and forging new partnerships. 
5. Focus on business and job creation, starting with the bird-in-hand opportunities that exist. 

Tell your story. Invite your marketing, communications, or public relations team to develop a story-telling campaign that highlights your college's role in the local ecosystem. Include entrepreneurship and community support in reports to your donors, grantors, and other constituents, and don't forget to share your content with NACCE so that we can celebrate your successes and highlight your best practices for your Presidents for Entrepreneurship Pledge community!