Member Spotlight

Alicia HooksAlicia Hooks

Residence: Kansas City, KS

Organization: Kansas City Kansas Community College

Occupation: Director of the Entrepreneurship, Career, & Workforce Center

First job: Russell Stover’s Candies at age 14 – I grew so much there…as in dress size!

Philosophy: “No Limits” (Actually, the license tag on my car reads “no limit”)

Favorite music: Jazz

Favorite TV Show or Movie: NCIS

Favorite book: “Destiny: Step into Your Purpose” by T.D. Jakes

What got me interested in my work: Wanting to help others think and believe differently to get different results was a great motivator. Entrepreneurship is one of the few things that anyone can engage in to create an opportunity shift for them, their family, their legacy, and the community. After having personally experienced the startups, failures, and successes of entrepreneurship, I realized that entrepreneurship was more about the way we think than it is the revenue we generate. We only grow a
business and our lives to the level of our belief. I want to help others shift their thinking to the freedoms created through entrepreneurial opportunities.

Success is... Taking the chance and seizing the opportunity.

Pet Peeve: Limits…the belief there is only one way

Favorite Quote: There is always a way if you are committed.

Current Project: Developing a pathway for entrepreneurs in collaboration with the trades union for those start-ups that want to be a part of the union. This process is similar to the apprenticeship process for individuals. We are also creating a system for contractors to develop strategic partnerships nationally for business growth and expansion. We are also designing a triaged process using our early childhood education college students to oversee area high school students, teaching innovation and entrepreneurial principles to urban elementary students who are multiply challenged.

What impact has NACCE had on your college's entrepreneurship efforts? It has caused our efforts to spill out into the community. We learned the principles of effectuation through our NACCE membership. Because of it we have created strategic partnerships resulting in benefits to area businesses, local government, the community, and the college. It has provided a template for outside-of-the-box thinking. The benefits from the partnerships NACCE has established have yielded discounts and other opportunities, enabled us to expand our services, and increased our knowledge of organizations and offerings to students and entrepreneurs. The membership has sparked additional possibilities at our college and led us to create statewide best practices with area businesses and industry. We have been invited to train staff and faculty in this process. I could go on…!