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Member Spotlight

Alicia HooksSheneui Weber

Residence: Orange County, CA

Organization: California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

Occupation: Vice Chancellor, Workforce & Economic Development Division 

First job: My first unpaid job was helping my dad in his engineering firm when I was 12. I helped his secretary answer the phone, type letters and send faxes. I was so jazzed with that experience, I decided that I was going be a secretary when I grew up! My first paid job was in college as the department secretary to the chair of the Biology Department. I was on a roll!

Philosophy: Life is short; eat dessert first! On a more serious note, when I’m told something can’t be done, or someone has an idea to improve things or try something new, I would ask “Why not?” Trying things and seeing if they work, and learning from the experience is a big part of life.

Favorite music: I love all kinds of music! My favorites are too long to list, but two alltime favorite bands are Pet Shop Boys and Imagine Dragons.

Favorite TV Show or Movie: Star Wars. It’s the defining movie of my generation, and Yoda is my

Most Recent Book (Favorite book): The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. I read it in college and it totally changed my relationship with my mom for the better. I had a bit of an attitude as a teenager and it helped me understand my parents and where they were coming from and their intentions.

What got me interested in my work: It’s more like who! At Cal State Long Beach, because of my technical background, Lou Anne Bynum asked me to help her with a project. It was my first experience working with industry (aerospace) building a workforce training program. We put together the Software Engineering Forum for Training, a consortium that provided software engineering process improvement training to
software engineers and managers. I learned a great deal about project management running the consortium, and ended up working with Lou Anne for over 20 years!

Success is... Making a difference in the work that I do and being part of a really great team.

Pet Peeve: Negative energy and people who are not team players. It drags everyone down and it’s so unproductive.

Favorite Quote: “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” – Eldridge Cleaver
There’s enough problems in this world, so I always want to find a way to make things better!

Current Project: I am quite interested in the needs of the adult learners and how the California Community Colleges workforce programs can provide skills attainment that will reduce income inequality and increase social and economic mobility, and finding ways to engage entrepreneurs to help solve some of the challenges we face in education.

What impact has NACCE had on your college's entrepreneurship efforts? Through our involvement with NACCE, we have made significant in-roads with linking and connecting our entrepreneurship and workforce development programs at Long Beach City College to make entrepreneurship learning more accessible to our students.