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Member Spotlight

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William Austin

Organization: Warren County Community College

Residence: Great Meadows, New Jersey

Occupation: President, Warren County Community College

First job: Laborer, Doherty Garden Center

Philosophy: Treat everyone you meet like they are the most important person in the world. For two reasons: 1) this is how human beings should treat one another; and 2) to that other person, they are the most important person.

Favorite music: Kris Kristofferson – singer/songwriter

Favorite TV Show or Movie: The Godfather

Most Recent Book (Favorite book): The Autobiography of Malcom X

What got me interested in my work: Students and their success

Success is... The progressive realization of worthy goals

Pet Peeve: Dishonesty

Favorite Quote:Always do more than is requested of you.

Current Project: Warren County Community College is at the forefront of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technology training. We are leaders in this emerging industry with a state-of-the-art UAS laboratory and outdoor multifunction Flight Training Center that includes dedicated take-off and landing pads for multi-rotor aircraft launch and recovery areas for fixed-wing aircraft. We also have an accident reconstruction training
site, professional ground control points for engineers and research, NIST/AUVSI TOP pilot training and assessment/certification apparatus, and a custom-designed drone racing course.

Unmanned Systems technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s career market. It is the future of aviation. It is the future of all transportation. Unmanned vehicles are used today in an ever-increasing number of industries such as agriculture, surveying, construction, mining, environmental sciences, commercial package delivery, public utilities/energy, cinematography and photography, search and rescue, and public safety/law enforcement. And all these industries are currently understaffed by qualified professionals.

What factor(s) led to your decision to re-join NACCE? The quality of the people who work for NACCE motivated me to make the decision.