Northampton Community College - 2019 PFEP College of Excellence Award Winner

Last month we announced our 2019 PFEP College of Excellence Award Winners. Today we want to highlight our Step 1 Award Winner (Form teams to focus on entrepreneurship), Northampton Community College (NCC) located in Bethlehem, PA.
We asked nominator, Dr. Mark Erickson, president of NCC, how the college has demonstrated excellence in forming teams to focus on entrepreneurship.

"Northampton CC looks to become a national leader in entrepreneurship with the establishment of the Follett Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and its accompanying state-of-the-art Fab Lab. We believe strongly that the skills and mindset developed through this work will prepare a more creative and successful workforce, ready to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Our goal is to be THE entrepreneurship hub for the our region and surrounding community (residents, non-profits, and businesses) and to expose all of our students to the tenets of an entrepreneurial mindset, laying the ground work for their further exploration through our myriad of courses, seminars, and engagement opportunities."

Demonstration of Excellence

Below are links to videos, press and other documents that support this award nomination.