President's Message | May 2022

A Word from NACCE President &  CEO, Dr. Rebecca Corbin

Dear NACCE members, partners, and friends, 

May is graduation time and a cause for celebration! It is also a time of transition for all of us supporting colleges, their leaders, staff, faculty, and our most important group -- STUDENTS!

As the leader of NACCE and proud mom of Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ) graduate, Rachel Corbin, I encourage you to do what I know feeds the entrepreneurial spirit and is also hard to do:

1. Take time to rest - the last few years have been exhausting!

2. Celebrate your role in helping students to cross the finish line - that's why we do this work!

3. Forgive yourself for mistakes made along the way - being authentic and trying takes guts!

This work that we do together with community colleges has transformed me as a person, a mom, and an association president and CEO.

With gratitude,

Dr. Rebecca Corbin

Rebecca Corbin, Ed.D., NACCE President & CEO