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President's Message

A Word from NACCE President &  CEO, Dr. Rebecca Corbin

On behalf of the NACCE team, I want to thank our partners, our members, and our board for contributing to the growth and success of NACCE through the years, but especially this year. The economic shutdown and pain caused by the pandemic in 2020 allowed NACCE to deepen its roots by building out its infrastructure, cultivating expanded support for our growing number of member colleges. It also permitted us time to tell the stories of entrepreneurs – many women, people of color, veterans, immigrants and other under-resourced people – who receive an education at community colleges and start down an entrepreneurial path that allows them to join the middle class and beyond. 

If you are a NACCE member, you already know about the high-quality entrepreneurship education that is found at our member community colleges and technical schools. NACCE provides leadership and resources for community colleges to create and maintain cultures of entrepreneurship across a rich tapestry of diverse college campuses, and we're committed to continued expansion and innovation in the years to come. Entrepreneurial thinking and leadership across disciplines is essential for colleges, students, and communities to thrive – especially now. 

From the continued and increased support of our partners, the expansion of our Centers of Practice, the launch and expansion of NACCE's Everyday Entrepreneur Venture Fund Program and virtual Pitch for the Trades, a new Leadership Summit and transition to an interactive annual conference, and the publication of our latest book, Impact ED: How Community College Entrepreneurship Can Create Equity and Prosperity, 2020 has brought great change, but also great opportunity. Our team is dedicated to leveraging the change we are faced with to propel the growth of NACCE over the next several years. 

This vision for igniting entrepreneurship by better supporting community colleges to co-create innovative solutions together is unique for a nonprofit association. We look forward to continuing to work alongside our members, maintaining our culture of sharing, continuous learning, celebration of both success and failure, and of transparency as we embrace the future – whatever it may bring – together. 

Dr. Rebecca CorbinRebecca Corbin, Ed.D., NACCE President & CEO