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Women in Entrepreneurship
Center of Practice

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The Women in Entrepreneurship Center of Practice, established by the NACCE Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Council, is designed to promote the education of and support for entrepreneurial women in communities and colleges across the nation. 

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At NACCE's 2020 Leadership Summit, several leaders from within the NACCE Network joined together to share their stories. We collected some words of wisdom and encouragement, and hope you are as inspired as we are by our members and the work they are doing. 

The Women in Entrepreneurship Center of Practice seeks to accomplish the following:

Develop resources designed to promote the education of and support for entrepreneurial women in communities and colleges across the nation.

Explore and work to mitigate entrepreneurial gaps that women of walks of life are faced with.

Identify and share or develop through partnership with like-minded organizations unique training and development opportunities designed to advance both women entrepreneurs and women who teach or support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

The Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Council has developed this NACCE Center of Practice to advance the work of the council and raise awareness of the unique challenges faced by women in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our goals for 2020 and beyond are to:

  • Define opportunities to advance the leadership of women in higher education and related organizations.

  • Explore the creation of new NACCE resources to support the advancement of women in various roles throughout community colleges and in communities. 

  • Share stories nationally of diverse women in leadership roles that inspire mentorship and opportunities for young women. 
Online Resources for Community College Leadership
Supportedly | StartUp Catawba
Associations/Resources for Community College Leadership
Diana International Impact Report
Co-authored by Dr. Candida Brush and Dr. Patti Greene, this report advocates for change in equity investing and summarizes new models for financing women entrepreneurs. This report was developed from the interactions at Diana International Impact Day held a Babson in June 2019.

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Women in Entrepreneurship Center of Practice

Jennifer Worth
Jennifer Worth
Senior VP, Workforce & Economic Development American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)
Center of Practice Leader
Dr. Rebecca Corbin
Dr. Rebecca Corbin
President & CEO NACCE
Anne Strickland
Anne Strickland
Vice President NACCE
Amy Bouvier
Amy Bouvier
Director, Finance & Administration NACCE (413)306-3131