The Myers-Briggs Company

NACCE has partnered with The Myers-Briggs Company to offer our members open access to the VitaNavis® platform – providing community colleges with support to ensure students remain engaged and future focused.

The platform is designed to enhance all levels of the student lifecycle to drive enrollment, equity, and improve outcomes.  Students, parents, and community members receive unlimited lifetime access to unique insights backed by decades of research that foster increased self-awareness and informed decision-making:

– Prospective students: As they consider their post-secondary options

– Enrolled students: As they plan for their next semester courses

– Graduating students: As they prepare to enter the workforce


Exclusive Benefits

The VitaNavis platform offers schools:

  • Enhanced marketing outreach opportunities to increase awareness and improve communication efforts with prospective students

  • Scaled advisement where advisors can access instant student results through the platform

  • Personalized engagement with students through individual analytics to drive important conversations forward--especially in virtual settings.

  • Validated and time-tested tools, such as the SuperStrong® and Student Success Profile assessments, backed by The Myers-Briggs Company

  • Professional development, including credential provided by Myers-Briggs® Certified Trainers

The VitaNavis platform offers students: Unlimited, lifetime access to a self-discovery platform with validated and research backed tools

  •  Personalized learning experiences where students align their interests, strengths, and values to academic programs and career pathways

  • Exploration of 21st century skills to better prepare for the future of work while still in school

  • Understanding of future career possibilities, along with direction, for academic planning and post-graduation preparedness 

Earn your professional development credential badge by completing the VitaNavis Certification.

  • Led by a Myers-Briggs® Certified Trainer

  • Offered through a live webinar format

  • Training focuses on applying the tools and assessments to drive retention and boost enrollment.

  • Learn how to implement VitaNavis to personalizing your student learning experience and create meaningful engagement.

  • Understand the analytics and robust features of the platform to get started immediately

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