Are you ready to transform your college's entrepreneurial and workforce programs and provide your students with cutting-edge coding skills and an entrepreneurial mindset? The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) is thrilled to partner with CodeBoxx, a renowned leader in technology training and coding bootcamps, to launch an exclusive pilot program designed to elevate your institution to new heights.

Key Program Features

Revolutionary Funding: The pilot program offers generous funding to support your college in implementing the CodeBoxx curriculum seamlessly. This financial support enables you to focus on delivering a world-class learning experience to your students.

Comprehensive Coding Curriculum: Delve into the CodeBoxx curriculum, meticulously designed by experts, to equip your students with the essential technical skills that are highly sought after in today's job market. From programming languages to web development and software engineering principles, your students will receive top-notch training.

Dual Support Structure: Benefit from the dynamic collaboration between NACCE and CodeBoxx. We'll provide unwavering support to ensure your college's success throughout the pilot program. From implementation guidance to continuous assistance, we're dedicated to your triumph.

Empowering Entrepreneurial Spirit: This program goes beyond coding, nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of your students. We believe in shaping job creators, not just job seekers. Through the NACCE-CodeBoxx pilot, your students will have the opportunity to embrace innovation and entrepreneurship.

Enhancing Workforce Skillsets: Prepare your students for the challenges of tomorrow's workforce. The NACCE-CodeBoxx program will equip them with enhanced coding proficiency and a bolstered entrepreneurial mindset, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

We'll be selected 4 colleges to pilot the program throughout 2024. After you submit you application a member from NACCE will reach out to schedule time for an interview with NACCE and CodeBoxx to discuss and provide a detailed overview of the program including funding, curriculum, support and next steps. 

For additional information please review the video below which is an overview of CodeBoxx's mission and program.

CodeBoxx Video

Are you eager to be at the forefront of transforming your college's approach to education and workforce development? Show your interest in the NACCE-CodeBoxx pilot program by submitting the following Indication of Interest form:

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