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Innovator Mindset LLC

Innovator Mindset LLC

Dennis Stauffer, Founder & CEO 18300 34th Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55447
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Company Overview

The Innovator Mindset® instrument (IMi) measures how likely you are to be personally innovative in how you approach challenges and function in the world around you—your level of innovativeness. This is different from being an accomplished innovation practitioner, which is more about process and tools. IM reveals the mental and behavioral adjustments you can make to enhance your personal innovativeness. So you can use innovation tools and processes most effectively, and invent the innovation strategies you need. The academic term for this is cognitive feedback. That just means that, like a good coach, IMi tells you how you’re doing. It reflects back to you how well you are tapping into your ability to innovate, and how to get better at it, based on rigorous ongoing scientific research.

Innovator Mindset® is for anyone who wants to improve their ability to create value…in any endeavor…at any time…in any context.

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