3 Ways to Get Involved This Fall | Intuit + NACCE Partnership Offerings


Over the past few years, Intuit has teamed up with NACCE in two main ways: 

Financial Management for Entrepreneurs (FMFE): To empower future entrepreneurs with the right financial management tools and skills required for long-term business success via our Financial Management for Entrepreneurs Curriculum Initiative. From 2018-2020, we reached seventeen community colleges across the nation and FMFE was incorporated into for-credit and non-credit courses reaching over 750 students. Over 70% of students who completed the post-tests shared that they felt confident in their ability to manage business finances and over 85% felt confident in their ability to manage their personal finances.

Design for Delight: In 2020, NACCE and Intuit partnered to train educators on how design for delight can be used to identify unsolved problems, gain empathy, run rapid experiments with actual customers, test assumptions, and iterate along the way. We hosted two trainings, co-developed an Intuit Design Thinking Innovator digital badge, and reached over 300 educators and more than 1,000 students. We had an estimated 32,000+ contact hours for teachers and students.

This fall, we are debuting some exciting partnership offerings. Take a look below and get involved today!

Intuit Student Success Stories

We know that many NACCE educators have brought Intuit products into your classrooms and communities. We want to celebrate and support you and your entrepreneurial students and small business owners. Please fill out the brief form to share these stories and we will be in touch with you shortly.


#1: Sign up for our Educator Resource Hub.

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Sign up for our Educator Resource Hub today to gain access to easy-to-use financial management for entrepreneurs curriculum! 

The curriculum includes the following twelve modules:

  • Module 1 - Personal Finance
  • Module 2 - Starting Your Business & Legal Structure
  • Module 3 - Financial Management Overview
  • Module 4 - Profit & Loss Basics
  • Module 5 - Balance Sheet
  • Module 6 - Cash Flow
  • Module 7 - How the Financial Statements Tie Together
  • Module 8 - Financial Statement Analysis - Ratio Analysis Part I
  • Module 9 - Financial Statement Analysis - Ratio Analysis Part 2
  • Module 10 - Budgets & Other Finance Tools
  • Module 11 - Evaluating Growth & Intro to Valuing a Business
  • Module 12 - Starting Your Business & Taxes

All modules are built out using the following framework:

  • Description & Learning Objectives
  • Reading and/or Listening Assignments 
  • Reading Comprehension Questions and/or Activities
  • Class Discussion Questions
  • Additional Resources
  • Survey

You can easily download the modules and upload them into your Canvas or Blackboard accounts.

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#2: Get trained in Design for Delight.

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Intuit’s design thinking methodology, Design for Delight, launched their free level 1 course online! The course is asynchronous and will occur over 6-8 weeks with a total 8-hour time commitment. 

By the end of the course, you will gain the following skills:

  • Identify the key concepts associated with design thinking
  • Learn how to develop deep customer empathy and understand its importance
  • Apply various brainstorming techniques to support ideation activities
  • Evaluate different experiment types to test solutions
  • Link different design thinking techniques to support creative problem solving

Why is it important: Design thinking has become a powerful business language used by many of the world’s most admired companies. It promotes complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and other skills highlighted in the World Economic Forum’s Future Jobs Report. It’s why Coursera lists design thinking as the most in-demand business skill for 2020.

Why for the classroom: Design for Delight can be used in any classroom from kindergarten through post-secondary. Teachers most interested in it generally teach subjects such as business, entrepreneurship, project-based learning, and computer science, as well as after-school programs.

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#3: Become an Intuit Ambassador.

Information about our *new* ambassador program debuted at our annual conference. Interested in learning more? See below!

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