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Impact ED. How Community College Entrepreneurship Creates Equity and Prosperity

Impact ED. How Community College Entrepreneurship Creates Equity and Prosperity

The Roadmap — Data-Driven and Shovel-Ready Projects
Offered by NACCE’s Centers of Practice

This book is our roadmap for building a more inclusive and equitable economy for a future that is unknown. In each chapter we share case examples, highlight relevant data and research, and explain how a national network of centers of practices led by community college faculty and administrators are making a measurable impact on societal challenges today. 

At the end of each chapter, we provide examples of shovel-ready opportunities for individuals and organizations to join us to scale impact, taking a local or regional initiative and expanding its effect by inviting other communities throughout the country to follow suit. The roadmap is inclusive and invites everyone to take action to rebuild the economy and create an equitable and inclusive future for all.

"Two key takeaways of this book are the importance of education to upward social mobility and that entrepreneurship, especially on the small business level, drives economic mobility. The authors make the case that higher education is the resource for such education and instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in college students. They posit that community colleges are best positioned in terms of share numbers of them, geographic availability, and affordability, to meet this educational need. I am semi-retired now and have four graduate degrees. Having read this book I am thinking of exploring local community colleges to get some of that entrepreneurial spirit and know-how. Get your copy today." - Joseph F. Duffy, author of Being a Supervisor 1.0

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