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Become a Podcasting Prodigy - Advanced

Become a Podcasting Prodigy - Advanced

Friday, September 22, 2023
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)

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🎙️ Ready to Elevate Your Podcasting Brilliance? 🎙️

Unleash Your Voice and Master the Art of Podcasting Excellence!

This is part 2 of a 2 part series for Becoming a Podcasting Prodigy. To register for part 1 click here.

Welcome back, Podcasting Prodigy! You've conquered the basics, and now it's time to take your podcast to soaring new heights with our exhilarating Part 2 of the Podcasting Prodigy Series!

Ignite Your Podcasting Brilliance:

🚀 Advanced Storytelling Techniques: Elevate your narrative prowess and keep your audience on the edge of their seats with captivating storytelling methods.

🎙️ Dive into Your Niche: Discover how to carve a unique path in your niche, captivating audiences with specialized content that sets you apart.

📈 Monetization Mastery: Uncover ingenious strategies to monetize your podcast like a seasoned pro, turning your passion into a prosperous venture.

💡 Expert Insights from Industry Titans: Learn from the podcasting elite, who have mastered the art of engaging millions through their shows.

Supercharge Your Success!

With exclusive insider insights and advanced podcasting strategies, Part 2 of our Podcasting Prodigy Series is designed to propel you to unprecedented heights of podcasting success! 🌌

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Whether you're an experienced podcaster seeking advanced techniques or a rising star looking to make a bigger impact, this webinar is your ticket to podcasting greatness! Join us on this thrilling journey, and together, let's redefine the podcasting landscape!

🎧 Ready to dive into the heart of podcasting brilliance? Secure your spot now – we can't wait to inspire podcasting excellence with you! 🎧

Greta Kishbaugh is a full-time Business Professor with St. Petersburg College and works with entrepreneurs with a focus on Veteran Start-Ups. She is Co-Founder of Biz Dynamics Group, offering business education and help for those who would like to get involved in franchise management. She has been a resident of St. Petersburg for over 38 years and has two young boys. Her passion is in helping anyone with a business idea. She is also a fundraiser and social media expert.

Greta Kishbaugh is also a consultant for National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship Community Navigator Pilot Program. To learn more how Community Navigator can help veterans find entrepreneurial resources for success click here