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Opportunity Knocks: 3 Ways Entrepreneurial Education is Opening the Door...

Opportunity Knocks: 3 Ways Entrepreneurial Education is Opening the Door...

Wednesday, November 18, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (EST)

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Opportunity Knocks: 3 Ways Entrepreneurial Education is Opening the Door for Equality & Global Impact

Join NACCE as we explore the opportunities that rest before us, how the pandemic has set the stage for change, and how education and entrepreneurship intersect in 50 states and 50 nations.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest book, Impact ED: How Community College Entrepreneurship Creates Equity and Prosperity, and welcome John Hunt Publishing's own Tim Ward, who will moderate a discussion with Anne Kabagambe, former Executive Director at the World Bank Group, and Paul O'Brien, Vice President for Oxfam America. NACCE President and CEO Rebecca Corbin will share the impetus for Impact ED, we'll hear from Romina Muhametaj, host of RM Podcast FL: A Podcast about Business and Life about her experience in the U.S. community college system, and talk to Impact ED co-authors and HCC entrepreneurship faculty Beth Kerly and Andy Gold about how this book provided the opportunity to showcase how their work and their experience with NACCE's Everyday Entrepreneur Venture Fund connects not only their local community, but the world. 

Impact ED: How Community College Entrepreneurship Creates Equity and Prosperity by Rebecca A. Corbin, Andrew Gold, Mary Beth Kerly

This book provides leaders with insights into how entrepreneurial thinking and action can put local communities on the path to recovery from the economic devastation induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Entrepreneurship offers a roadmap to the future. NACCE members colleges' newly evolved programs benefit local communities, fuel economic growth, and create more equitable opportunities for those who have been historically marginalized. This pathway leads to recovery, hope and a more caring, creative, and equitable society.

A Global Playbook for the Next Pandemic by Anne Kabagambe

The health and economic devastation caused by COVID-19 has revealed that most countries’ national health systems are inadequate to cope with pandemics. These are global challenges that call for global responses. At the heart of this book is a bold new proposal to create a global pandemic playbook that can be quickly deployed when the next pandemic strikes. Countries and their experts must collaborate to create early warning systems, preparedness, prevention, responses and containment. But who should pay the cost? Anne Kabagambe, a former Executive Board director for the World Bank Group, explores the options, and argues that to fail to learn from COVID-19 and neglect to create a global playbook now would cost far more when the next pandemic strikes.

Power Switch: How We Can Reverse Extreme Inequality by Paul O’Brien

Is it actually possible? -- that we might emerge from this pandemic with a peaceful global power switch from those who have too much to those who don't have enough? With billionaires able to decide the fate of nations, private corporations more powerful and less accountable than ever, and political autocrats around the world shaking our confidence in democratic institutions, power resides in all the wrong places. And so our world is in crisis. In such moments, activists find opportunities. Not to restore the pre-crises order, but to transform it. Paul O’Brien argues that progressive activists may never have a better opportunity to rewrite economic rules, systems and outcomes in favor of those who don't have enough. His book offers practical action steps for activists who want to drive a power switch that overcomes extreme inequalities in our world.

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