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Mindset of SUCCESS: How to create a vision for your entrepreneurial journey

Mindset of SUCCESS: How to create a vision for your entrepreneurial journey

This workshop is designed to help you find the right business for you!

Thursday, July 13, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)


Event Details

You've wanted to start a business, racked your brain over and over on how to do so. Researched all the trends and even dabbled into business ideas way outside your comfort zone.

BUT.... there's always something holding you back.

Something constantly chirping in your ear....

Something telling you that you lack the vision and the right mindset to launch....

Something that says success is SO FAR AWAY.....

Your not alone; so many of us think about starting a business yet never push the button for liftoff.

It's time to push that button and find YOUR SUCCESS MINDSET for the business you've always wanted to launch. Today is the day, so register and learn how the RIGHT business for YOU is only one workshop away!

In this workshop we'll:

1. Learn the magic behind uncovering hidden business ideas and begin to hyper focus on the direction for your next business venture.

2. Find ways to identify the obstacles that keep you stuck and work towards what you need to do to overcome.

3. Discuss the importance of momentum and how to stay in the zone of genius through sustainable mindset habits.

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Amber Hicks
Amber Hicks
Membership Coordinator NACCE (984)206-1330

Jamie is a Jungian-based mindset coach and business consultant who helps mission driven professionals and entrepreneurs align their purpose with their careers and share their gifts with the world. She specializes in helping professionals clarify their business visions and bringing those visions to life. In addition to coaching, she consults with businesses on brand building, marketing and technology implementations. She previously held leadership roles in marketing, sales and product management and specialized in new technology and customer engagement initiatives for companies ranging from early stage startups to billion dollar global companies. She is a native Floridian and a yoga + travel junkie. She earned her B.S. at the University of Florida where she studied Public Relations and Entrepreneurship.

Jamie is also a consultant for National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship Community Navigator Pilot Program.