Slyngshot: Launch Your Ideas



At Slyngshot, we are firm believers in the transformative power of sharing ideas. Sharing an idea makes it real. The idea takes its place in the world, gaining authenticity and legitimacy. Not only does this bring the idea closer to materializing as a successful business, but it also empowers the individual behind the idea to embrace their role as an innovative thinker and ambitious entrepreneur.

We are dedicated to creating a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable platform for developing ideas to a level where they can be shared with others. So, how do we do this? 



Jumpstarts the Ideation Process

Everyone should be able to harness the power of their ideas to build a better life. Fancy jargon, multi-step approvals, and knowledge requirements make it challenging to take the first step. With Slyngshot, we removed the roadblocks so that users could start ideating immediately. In fact, we didn’t even want users to get caught up with naming their ideas before they created them. We offer a random name generator at the beginning of the process, encouraging users not to ‘sweat the small stuff’ before they have anything written down. This promotes a posture of simplicity and ease. Editing a draft is much less daunting than writing one from scratch! 

Simplifying the Business-Building Interface

With a simple and approachable interface, Slyngshot can be used by anyone - 'C' students to C-suites - to help them better articulate, refine, and see the value of their ideas. This looks like buttons, sliders, one-word answer boxes, and even auto-filled answers based on the behaviors of the user and expectations of the idea. The point is to make the process simple! Slyngshot ‘gamifies’ the journey, guiding users towards creating concrete ideas while it seems like they’re just brainstorming. 

Enhancing the Entrepreneur’s Toolbox

Slyngshot doesn’t do all the thinking by itself. It reveals the brilliance within each entrepreneur with mentor-esque guidance and clarity, connecting thoughts together to create a unique and digestible way to share and refine the users’ ideas. With an evolving product that adapts with the user to provide details and context when they need it, our hope is they use Slyngshot as a ‘superpower booster’ that not only supports their ideas but makes them stronger.

Find out more about Slyngshot and create your free account using the access code NASHVILLE2023 on our site here. 

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