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The NACCE Playbook

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The NACCE Playbook

The NACCE Playbook digs into entrepreneurial mindset and how practicing leadership with this framework creates an agile culture, with space to innovate, co-create, fail-forward, and accelerate growth. Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial leadership require us to lean in, anticipate and recognize trends, manage change, be resilient, take risks, reflect, and rest in the knowledge that anything is possible.

What do you do with newly found time in the peak of the pandemic? At NACCE, we invested the time we would have spent flying around the world connecting with – and in some cases introducing ourselves to – innovative, insightful, generous people who navigate both challenges and opportunities entrepreneurially. In two volumes, we'll share stories from a diverse, dynamic network of more than 50 treasured voices, what we've learned, and how you might apply their experience to your work. We hope you'll be as inspired as we were. Each chapter, published in print and online, comes with guided worksheets exclusively available in the print edition. 

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