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How EEPF Works

The world of entrepreneurship can be tough to navigate. With countless obstacles standing between student entrepreneurs and success, it can be difficult to find the necessary capital to test a prototype or bring on your their first customer.  That's where the Everyday Entrepreneur Program and Fund can help.  EEP provides community colleges the support needed to provide access to entrepreneurial education and funding for their students to take their businesses from an idea to a thriving enterprise.

The multi-level framework for the EE Program is designed to meet both college and student needs. Colleges can flourish at each level, and can move back and forth between the levels depending on organizational factors, administrative changes, and culture fit.  More detailed information available on application.


Examples of program support include:

Educational stipends

How to build a student pipeline

Curriculum templates and advice

Idea pitch program including judging rubrics

Student Prize money

The Everyday Entrepreneur Program History

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