IBM recently launched IBM SkillsBuild, which brings together two world-class, skills-based learning programs—"Open P-TECH" and "SkillsBuild"—under one brand. Through IBM SkillsBuild, students, educators, job seekers, and the organizations that support them can access free digital learning, resources, and support focused on the core technology and workplace skills needed to succeed in "new collar" jobs. They'll be able to visit the new IBM SkillsBuild website and opt into the learning experience that's right for them.

NACCE and IBM will convene five member colleges to review the SkillsBuild platform to develop an educator resource portal, or toolkit for future faculty to take advantage of the resources offered on the platform within their classroom to support learning outcomes and student success.

Selected schools are asked to provide one lead faculty who will recruit an additional two faculty over the duration of the 12-month project. The lead faculty will receive a stipend of $5,000 for the participating in the pilot program. Participating schools are also provided a $2,000 stipend to be used for attendance at NACCE’s conferences and travel (or comparable virtual registration)

The Application Period Opens October 20, 2021