Innovative ChangeMAKING

Innovative Group

Innovation, design thinking, entrepreneurial mindset and the maker movement are changing campus cultures around the nation. The Innovative ChangeMAKING workshop series is an opportunity to dive into these concepts while encouraging participants to explore higher purposes in themselves, their communities, and their institution.

This workshop series leverages tools and strategies to holistically promote Innovative Change MAKING appropriate for both employees and entrepreneurs. Each module will focus on leading change across different campus priorities and departments, while uncovering hidden opportunities.

Change MAKING module topics involve:

* Entrepreneurial Education

* Community Partnerships

* Institutional Advancement

* Organizational Culture

* Measuring Impact

* Research Agenda

The course offers a blend of evidence-based research and actionable assignments for real-world impact.

Participants will complete the course over a four-month period through an asynchronous format. Bi-weekly virtual TED-style meetings will serve to formally kick off each module, with a final meeting to share “Roadmaps to Action”.   A digital badge is awarded at the end of the course.


Calendar of Key Dates

Registration open now through March 1

Meetings & Module Launch Dates

          • March 1
          • March 15
          • March 29
          • April 5
          • April 19
          • April 26th
          • May 10th