NACCE 2020 Speaker Resources

Thank you for agreeing to present a session at NACCE 2020 Lighting Up Entrepreneurship in Music City in Nashville, TN. Please keep this site bookmarked as a resource for you. 

  • Breakout Session Speakers: If you have any questions, please contact Amy Bouvier at
  • Mainstage Speakers: If you have any quesitons, please contact Leah Deppert at

Important Dates:

  • The conference will take place Sunday, October 11-Wednesday, October 14 at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel.


  • Registration is now open. Breakout speakers, you receive $100 off your registration. Please contact Amy Bouvier for the code. If you are in charge of registering multiple breakout speakers, you will need to register each speaker one at a time to receive the $100 discount. Mainstage speakers, Leah Deppert will register you.


  • Please submit your completed slides to Leah Deppert by Friday, October 2. They will be housed on the NACCE website for members and attendees to view and download.

What to Bring:

  • Your energetic, engaging and positive self!
  • Please bring your own lap tops, as well as a copy of your slides on a USB. A projector and screen will be provided. If you have a Mac computer, please bring your own adapter
  • Wi-Fi will be provided in the meeting space (general session, exhibit and breakout space); however, we advise presenters to store video clips and presentation slides on your device or USB if they wish to use them during presentations. 
  • Business cards and any materials that you need for your presentation (i.e. markers, pens, sticky notes, etc.)


  • If you'd like to use our PowerPoint template, please see below. This is not mandatory.


  • While NACCE does not record breakout sessions, if you'd like to do so yourself, please contact NACCE for tips and recommended instructions. Here's an example of a breakout session that NACCE member, Rob Newman, recorded himself. 
  • Listen to our member webinar recording of our top breakout sessions from last year's annual conference.


Tips for Presenters:

  • Be prepared! Don't wait until the last minute to plan your session.
  • Dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes. 
  • Act confidently...even if you don't feel that way! Stand up straight, speak clearly and pause/breathe between important points. 
  • Keep your target audience members in mind and tailor your presentation according. A majority of our conference attendees are US based community college administrators, faculty, staff, center directors and workforce development professionals. They are highly educated and very entrepreneurial.
  • Introduce yourself and tell stories! Don't forget to use real-life examples.
  • Use short videos to convey a point. Download the videos to your device or USB and don't depend on WiFi.
  • If you are using slides, keep the word count small and consider adding larger, high-res photos. If you're in need of stock photos, check out for free, quality photos.
  • Don't sell! No one likes to be sold to. If you are recommmending a product or service, share your experience but don't be pushy.
  • Use humor, but please be appropriate. 
  • Engage your audience with at least one interactive activity. Get them up and moving and using their brains! If you see a lot of cell phones out, try a small group short discussion to re-engage distracted audience members. 
  • Consider gamifying your session! You might also want to bring small prizes for attendees. Think candy and school/company branded swag.
  • Utilize props/visual aids. 
  • End your session with practical action steps that attendees can enact and supply free resources for further exploration.