Everyday Entrepreneur and STRIVE Program Impacts Veteran Entrepreneur

Headshot Dewayne Kimble
Everyday Entreprneur and STRIVE Alum Dewayne Kimble

Dewayne Kimble's journey from distinguished US Army veteran to esteemed entrepreneur is marked by a relentless dedication to service and an unwavering commitment to empowering his community. His story is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of excellence.

During his tenure in the military, Dewayne's bravery shone brightly, earning him the prestigious Soldiers Medal for heroism. His selfless act of saving two lives during peacetime exemplified his courage and dedication to serving others. This spirit of service continued to guide Dewayne as he transitioned into civilian life.

Armed with a bachelor's degree from Southeast Missouri State University and a master's in business administration from William Woods University, Dewayne embarked on a mission to empower his fellow veterans. In 2018, after completing the NACCE and Institute of Veterans And Military Families STRIVE program, he founded KMD89 VA Claims Consulting, a company dedicated to educating veterans and active-duty service members on the complexities of the VA disability compensation claims process.

Through KMD89, Dewayne not only provides valuable resources and guidance but also fosters a sense of community and support for those navigating the VA system. His efforts have not gone unnoticed, with his YouTube channel amassing over 61,000 subscribers and 5.4 million views, earning him both recognition and passive income.

But Dewayne's impact extends far beyond his consulting business. In 2022, he founded the Hattie Mae Kimble Foundation in honor of his grandmother, providing financial scholarships to families in need. His dedication to giving back to his community was further exemplified when he was recognized by Tampa Bay Channel 10 News for his philanthropic endeavors, including providing refrigerators to schools.

Dewayne's entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his resilience and determination. His hard work was recognized by the Everyday Entrepreneur Venture Fund Committee at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa Florida, who provided the first money to help launch his business.  From trademarking his business to publishing a bestselling book on VA claims success, he has continually pushed boundaries and sought new ways to make a difference. His latest ventures, including VA Four Hire and Biz Motivation Nation, are poised to empower small business entrepreneurs and inspire individuals to unlock their full potential.

As Dewayne continues to forge ahead, his unwavering commitment to service, both in business and in the community, serves as an inspiration to us all. Through his dedication and passion, he is not only shaping his own success but also creating opportunities for others to thrive.