NACCE is Growing & Hiring

Posted By: Dr. Rebecca Corbin NACCE Blog,

“Creating organizations that value a growth mindset can create contexts in which

more people grow into the knowledgeable, visionary, and responsible

leaders we need.” – Carol S. Dweck

More than a decade ago, I fell in love with the methods and practice of entrepreneurship. First as a small business creator, and later as a researcher, teacher, practitioner, and CEO. In the course of this journey, I have seen first-hand how an entrepreneurial mindset transforms people and institutions. While it can be and often is about business creation, it is also a pathway for solving daunting social problems, and to achieving student, leadership and organizational success. We saw this first-hand in Tallahassee, Florida at the Higher Education Taskforce on Equity and Workforce Innovation held at the end of August. Click here to read the briefing report.

The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) is a thriving community of 2,000 professionals and 325+ colleges and universities that embrace entrepreneurial mindset and practice in the classroom, on campus, and in communities. We have a dynamic and engaged staff and Board of Directors. However, we need to add key positions to support our continued growth.

Two new full-time positions (both will be based in the Raleigh, NC area) are currently open. We encourage qualified candidates to apply. Additionally, we are seeking others who may be interested in working with us as contractors, joining as members, and being co-creators as we continue to develop new resources.

You are invited to grow with us!