Social Intrapreneurs Among Us


Spotlight on Social Intrapreneurship: A Campus Leader's Inspiring Journey

PIc of Frank Krevens with ArtIn the world of community colleges, social intrapreneurs are hidden gems, tirelessly working to create a positive impact within their institutions. These individuals possess an entrepreneurial spirit and the skills to effect change, often without profit as their primary motivation. Today, we shine a light on a remarkable social intrapreneur from Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, AZ, who has not only created a meaningful sense of belonging but also fostered entrepreneurial opportunities for students.

Frank Krevens, an Adjunct Ceramics Faculty member at Paradise Valley Community College, exemplifies the true essence of social intrapreneurship. Within and outside the classroom, Frank is dedicated to empowering students to explore their hidden talents, nurturing a spirit of curiosity and discovery. His unique approach to teaching extends beyond ceramics, providing opportunities for students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and skills applicable to any course or co-curricular activity.

Outside the classroom, Frank serves as the Ceramics Club Advisor, opening doors for any student to participate, regardless of their major. The club not only creates and sells pottery at local farmers markets but also showcases its innovative spirit by investing in cutting-edge 3D printing technology for the ceramics studio. Frank and the club have bridged the gap between art and technology, exploring the creation of ceramics tools for future revenue generation.

Frank's passion for social intrapreneurship extends to the campus community. He leads the Ceramics Club in supporting the Empty Bowls fundraiser for the campus food pantry. This event invites the community to enjoy live music, soup, pottery sales, and learn about opportunities to get involved. The club also contributes by creating ornaments for children to decorate at the college's semi-annual Festival of Tales, fostering a sense of community and giving back.

Frank's dedication to expanding integrated programming knows no bounds. He actively participates in transdisciplinary teams that seek grant funding to supplement the college's budget. Notably, he played a crucial role in securing a Veterans Art Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and is currently awaiting news on another grant application to the National Endowment for the Humanities. The latest application aims to fund 21st-century skill development for students engaged in 3D imaging, benefiting both personal art documentation and the college's art collection. Frank's team is also actively supporting community groups in developing best practices for culturally sensitive digitization of art, promoting local and global sharing.

Frank Krevens is a beacon of social intrapreneurship within the community college landscape. He creates an environment of meaningful belonging and learning experiences, fostering exploration and discovery among students. Frank goes beyond, creating opportunities for skill development, connecting various stakeholders through integrated programming, and attracting funds to expand campus offerings. His inspirational journey stands as a testament to the power of social intrapreneurs in shaping the future of education.

As we celebrate the achievements of social intrapreneurs like Frank, we invite you to reflect on your own campus. Who among your colleagues and staff embodies the spirit of social intrapreneurship? How can you support and elevate their leadership, enriching the entrepreneurial mindset and skills of students, employees, and community members?

Social intrapreneurship is a driving force behind positive change in community colleges. Let's recognize and nurture these remarkable individuals who tirelessly work to improve the lives of those they serve.