Teach Real-World Skills to Launch Careers

Posted By: Our Partners at Intuit

This is the third straight year of learning disrupted by the pandemic. Though many educators managed with great success, hybrid teaching has been difficult for everyone to navigate. Starts and stops of in-person, remote or hybrid classes have caused inevitable gaps in learning. Curtailed class time, modified project work, and canceled exams have left some students feeling less confident about their readiness for work. According to one study, Only 15% of graduates feel completely prepared for the workforce.

The class of 2022 is likely to face an uphill battle as they begin their job search. A recent survey of 2021 accounting graduates found that 88% had yet to find a job. To complicate matters, The Great Resignation has led to a job market that favors established workers, leaving fewer entry-level jobs available. As they compete with a portion of last year’s grads who are still trying to launch their careers, the challenge for students this year is even more significant.

Level the playing field

While you can't change the job market, you can help students prepare and restore their confidence in their own employability by ensuring they learn in-demand skills. One way to do this is to take advantage of offers from organizations committed to partnering with educators and students to provide opportunities for experiential learning. Students have a chance to get their hands on tools they will use in the workforce, to reflect on the experience, and make better connections to learning concepts. As they develop marketable skills, their confidence in what they have to offer employers grows. 

Intuit is committed to being one of those companies by turning students' potential into prosperous realities. That’s why we offer QuickBooks® Online for free to all educators and students. QuickBooks Online is free to use in your classroom for as long as you need it.*

QuickBooks® is used by over 7 million businesses in the United States, making it one of the most widely used accounting software packages on the market. Students who learn to use it benefit from a boost in experience, valuable skills to add to their resume, and an advantage against other candidates. 

“QuickBooks has helped me gain the discipline and form the habits I needed to manage my customers and company financials. It gave me the foundation and the confidence to scale my business.”  - Jason Hendricks, Hillsborough Community College 2019 Grad, Founder of Forgot or Knot

Learning from anywhere

Teaching with QuickBooks® Online offers the flexibility necessary for today’s inclusive classrooms. QuickBooks® Online is accessible from anywhere, on any device with internet access, so you can use it to teach online or hybrid classes that may have otherwise been a challenge.

“...I believe the use of QuickBooks in the classroom has helped students gain a deeper understanding of the theoretical concepts they learn in the classroom and the impact these concepts have in real-world situations." - Dr. Steven J. Johnson, CPA, CITP Associate Professor of Accounting College of Business | Minnesota State University, Mankato

Real tools for the real world

Use simulated businesses in QuickBooks® Online or teach students to manage their own business. In the process, you are developing future accountants, bookkeepers, and entrepreneurs by giving them a foundation of skills and understanding they need to succeed. Close the loop on their real-world learning with a QuickBooks certification to empower students to thrive in today’s accounting environment.

“Receiving my QuickBooks certification opened up innumerable career opportunities and has solidified my skills within my profession of accounting.” – Desarae Sifuentes University of Texas at Dallas, 2021

Made for educators

To simplify your life, we created a dedicated educator experience within our QuickBooks® Online educator portal. There you’ll find everything you need to design your course, including lesson plans, lecture presentations, classroom exercises and more. Plus, help is available to answer QuickBooks® questions from educators and students.

"QuickBooks® Online is one of my favorite courses to teach because it gives students tangible skills they can immediately implement to be successful employees, or even entrepreneurs." - Erick Bell, CPA, Business Professor, Las Positas College

An excellent experience for students

With QuickBooks® Online, students can build real-world business skills like tracking income and expenses, creating reports, and more. They can even customize the experience with their favorite business apps and access their data anytime, anywhere on a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access.

Bring QuickBooks® Online into your classroom for free today. and start building the real-world skills to launch careers for your students.

*QuickBooks Educator licenses won’t expire as long as an educator meets Intuit's eligibility requirements. QuickBooks Online license for students is valid for 1-year.