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Ways to Become a Partner

NACCE hosts an annual conference and multiple regional summits that draw thought leaders and community college administrators from around the country. NACRE also works closely with corporations, non-profit organizations and foundations to create new programs and curriculum that support innovative learning programs and thinking in today’s community.

Event Sponsorship

Annual Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

NACCE members attend our annual conference to share best practices and find innovative solutions for current challenges on campus. Attendees are looking for tools to teach entrepreneurship as well as solutions to common challenges such as student engagement, completion and alternative sources of revenue. Nascence's annual conference attracts a large number of college presidents and administrators, thought leaders, and experts from all industries and backgrounds. 

Regional Conferences/Summits

The schedule for informative summits and regional conferences is constantly evolving, depending on emerging challenges and opportunities our members are experiencing. Check our website, social media sites, quarterly journal, and bi-monthly online newsletter for news about these timely events. 

Contact a NACCE team member to learn more about sponsorship opportunities. To get involved with NACCE, the first step is to submit this interest form, and one of our Fellows will contact you. 


Get your message in front of NACCE members. Learn more about advertising opportunities in NACCE's print publications.  

NACCE offers a range of opportunities to reach and build brand awareness with our 300+ community college members representing 2,000 decision makers. The following lists the marketing assets and their individual prices. Depending on your marketing and sales goals, it is suggested that you buy a bundle of assets and/or engage with our audience consistently over time. 

NACCE Quarterly Journal

Community College Entrepreneurship is NACCE's journal of best practices and industry insights that is published four times a year for our community college members. It is directly mailed to our 2,000 members representing 300+ community colleges. It is distributed at national and regional events. The journals are also available electronically. Download the latest issue here.

Full-Page (8 x 10.5)
Member: $990 Non-Member: $1320

Half-Page Horizontal (8 x 5.25)
Member: $450 Non-Member: $600

Half-Page Vertical (4 x 10.5)
Member: $495 Non-Member: $660

Quarter Page (5.25 x 4)
Member: $229.50 Non-Member: $306.00

Contact a NACCE team member to learn more about advertising opportunities.  To get involved with NACCE, please fill out this interest form and one of our Fellows will contact you.