We are disappointed to announce that make/SHIFT 2.0, scheduled for June 3-5, 2020, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, has been postponed until May 6-8, 2021. Read more here: https://www.nacce.com/news/makeshift-20-is-postponed-until-2021


"Community Colleges as Incubators of Innovation - Unleashing Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Communities and Students"

This book, newly published by NACCE, addresses the urgent need for community colleges to prioritize entrepreneurship education, both to remain relevant in a changing economy, and to graduate students with the flexible and interdisciplinary mindsets needed for the future of society. It argues that entrepreneurial education should be offered broadly to a wide range of students and across all disciplines; defines the key constructs for achieving this objective; and describes how to create entrepreneurial learning environments.

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