5 Takeaways from Day 1 | NACCE 2021

Posted By: Josh Zaslow NACCE Blog,

Hi NACCE! My name is Josh Zaslow and I am your Maker Fellow for 2021-2022. I’ll be spending this year helping out around the office and working to build capacity for our already awesome makerspaces from the perspective of a musician and nonprofit entrepreneur. My first assignment is to attend NACCE's annual conference virtually and write about the top five things I learn each day.

Here’s what I got from an impressive day one, the Opening Main Stage Session:
  1. Have the will to find a way. Amazing keynote speaker Dr. Michael Baston held up the American Civil Rights struggle as an example of how having a will to do something creates a way to do it. He wisely reminded us to think of others in all that we do and to see helping others as a privilege. Very powerful message from the President of Rockland Community College!
  2. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. NACCE President and CEO Dr. Rebecca Corbin very succinctly reinforced Dr. Baston’s message. We need each other to succeed in the long run!
  3. NACCE works with DEI leaders. Panelist Dr. Rowena Tomaneng was the first Asian American and Fillipina American hired for a tenure track position at Deanza College, as President of Berkeley City College, and as President of San Jose City College. Dr. Carlos Turner Cortez was the youngest NYC and LA public school principal and is currently the youngest college chancellor in California.
  4. The George Floyd Global Memorial mission is to preserve stories of resistance to racial injustice and to create spaces for all people to grieve, pay respect, and to be a voice for justice.  Jeanelle Austin, Executive Director of the George Floyd Global Memorial, graciously described her path to becoming caretaker of the site of George Floyd’s lynching. She highlighted the role that community college played in her journey and provided yet another example of entrepreneurship in service to the greater good.
  5. Community colleges affect social change. This message was made clear by every one of the speakers. Community colleges serve diverse populations across the US and are in a unique position to better millions of lives through their curriculum, mentorship, and praxis.

Looking forward to learning more from Day 2!