Four Ideas to Globalize Your Curriculum - Action Plans from our 2019 IU CIBER Scholarship Winners


NACCE is fortunate to have Indiana University Center for International Business and Research (IU CIBER) as a supporter. We have partnered with them to help promote their goal of increasing the country’s capacity for international understanding and trade competitiveness. Over the past few years, IU CIBER has granted NACCE annual conference scholarships to NACCE members who are looking to internationalize their curriculum.

In 2019, the following individuals were granted IU CIBER scholarships:

  • Katie Gailes, Director, Entrepreneurial Initiatives, Wake Technical Community College (WTCC)
  • Dr. Angela Long, Director of Strategic Engagement, Tallahassee Community College (TCC)
  • Farshid Mirzaei, Assistant Professor, Norco College (NC)
  • James Robertson, Dean, Instructional Support and Chief Campus Officer, Wake Technical Community College (WTCC)
  • R. Shane Snipes, PhD, Assistant Professor, CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) Small Business Entrepreneurship (SBE)
  • Candy Vickrey Smith, Economics Professor, Folsom Lake College (FLC)

After the conference, we asked these individuals to share how they plan to globalize their curriculum and/or program after learning about IU CIBER resources and other ideas they learned at NACCE 2019 in Newport Beach, CA. Below is some of their feedback and action plans for the future.

Four Ideas to Globalize Your Curriculum - Action Plans from our 2019 IU CIBER Scholarship Winners
IDEA 1: Include more sustainable development goals in small business entrepreneurship coursework.

Shane Snipes shares that he plans to use sustainable development goals (SDGs) as a framework for many assignments across multiple classes to advance the study and teaching of international business. He would also like to compare and contrast an international location's SDG progress to NYC's progress. 

IDEA 2: Incorporate design thinking and effectuation into global business and entrepreneurship classes.

Candy Smith plans to integrate the concepts of design thinking and effectuation into her Business 355 - Introduction to Global Entrepreneurship course at FLC. In this class, students develop a global business idea and research an export country to sell the product to. Now, in the beginning of this class, students will be introduced to both concepts of design thinking and effectuation as tools entrepreneurs use to stimulate innovation and creative thinking. 

IDEA 3: Interweave global learning into your school's student success and equity plan.

Angela Long is dilligently working to help close the skills and equity gap for students at TCC. She shared the folowing: "Over the past month, I have been privileged to work with our president, provost, and vice presidents to draw up a prototype model for the college’s consideration. Currently, we have a 30% equity gap among our black and white students. We firmly believe that to move forward, we must garner input from our key stakeholders, i.e. faculty, staff and students. This redesign process will not take place over night. We are currently working with student focus groups across campus to provide input to this process and help us identify what it means to provide a culture of care, advance global learning and prepare our students for the future of work."

IDEA 4: Leverage the free IU CIBER video resources in entrepeneurship initiatives.

Katie Gailes shares that she plans to use the following IU CIBER resources at WTCC:

  • The CIBER Focus series: an interview series featuring university faculty and experienced business professionals discussing international developments that could impact practitioners at various local, regional, and international levels.
  • IU CIBER Pedagogy Resources: Videos and topics to assist teaching international business lessons for the classroom
  • IU CIBER Language and Culture Modules: introduces viewers to the language and culture of a given country or region. Thai, Hungary, Swahili, Polish, (Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, and Persian coming soon).
  • Doing Business In and With – Recording of the Doing Business In and With Conferences held in Indianapolis, showcasing relevant topics of doing business within various emerging markets around the world (Indonesia, Africa, Russia/Ukraine, Myanmar)

"IU CIBER is pleased to have the opportunity to work with NACCE members on internationalizing their curricula,” states Christine Everett, Director of Program Development for the Institute for International Business. NACCE would like to thank Christine and IU CIBER as a whole for their continued support.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Christine at