Request for Articles and News Submissions

Posted By: Carol Savage NACCE Blog,

NACCE has continually gathered best practices and models of entrepreneurial ecosystems inspired by entrepreneurship educators and thought leaders from around the country. Faculty and community leaders can enhance economic vitality in their communities and colleges by replicating these examples.

Do you have a best practice or model of an ecosystem you’ve help build in your college or community that you’d like to share with other NACCE members? If so, the September 2019 issue of NACCE’s quarterly magazine, Community College Entrepreneurship, is just getting underway, and we’d love to include news about what you’re doing at your community college that exemplifies entrepreneurial thinking and action.

Please take the opportunity to share scholarly articles about entrepreneurship and innovation, new or evolving practices, resources, and curriculum, or news about your innovation center, makerspaces, or fab labs.

Articles should be 600 words in length for news, feature articles, and how-to advice pieces. Scholarly articles should be limited to 1,200 words. Shorter updates can run as “Member News Notes.” The deadline to submit material is Friday, June 21. All submissions should be sent to NACCE editor Carol Savage at