What We Learned from Series 2 of Innovation in the Energy Workforce


On March 3, we launched a five-part webinar series. This professional development event highlights opportunities and trends in workforce development for the energy sector, showcasing how community colleges play an integral role in this work and uniting a wide range of experts, educators, advocates, and policy makers.

On March 10, we completed day two of Innovation in the Energy Workforce, presented by the Community & Technical College Consortium and hosted by NACCE. This five-part professional development webinar series in the energy sector highlights opportunities and trends for workforce development via the community college system. On day two, we talked about workforce opportunities in the shale oil, gas, and hydropower industry.

Our participants learned about:

  • ways to structure energy workforce curriculum with flexible program options, moving to a skills-based approach, developing core competencies, and supporting career centers onsite
  • modularized education and training options breaking down existing curriculum into flexible modules that can be ‘stacked’ into course completions, credentials and degrees
  • the power of partnerships, when representatives from different industries become collaborative partners in projects like redesigning curricula and building modern facilities and learning platforms
  • workforce philosophies and effective advisory committee models that build off of programs and include: broad representation from industry and education establishments, hands-on experience, increased practice/theory balance, safety, and greater exposure to industry culture
  • new skills and jobs for the new economy, as well as clear and accessible pathways to jobs in energy and advanced manufacturing
  • opportunities for female advancement and more diversity in the hydropower workforce

Thank you to our distinguished speakers from San Juan College, Bismarck State College, Tristate Energy and Advanced Manufacturing (TEAM) Consortium, San Jacinto College, LyondellBasell Industries, and the Hydropower Foundation.

We still have three more Wednesdays this month, and it’s not too late to register! Join us next week – or even the next! – as we cover topics including:

  • solar, wind, wood, biomass energy, and coal
  • electric power transmission and line worker training
  • energy-saving technologies & energy efficient solutions for business & cities
  • cybersecurity and emergency response to protect the reliable flow of energy to Americans