Top 4 Take-Aways from Day One of Innovation in the Energy Workforce


On March 3, we launched a five-part webinar series presented by the Community & Technical College Consortium. This professional development event highlights opportunities and trends in workforce development for the energy sector, showcasing how community colleges play an integral role in this work and uniting a wide range of experts, educators, advocates, and policy makers.

Here are our top four take-aways from day one:

  1. Applying the entrepreneurial mindset to complex problems in all sectors is a powerful way to source solutions to challenges that present themselves.
  2. Mentoring is integral to overcoming barriers experienced by minority students in higher education.
  3. There are a growing number of opportunities for skilled workers in clean and renewable energy, increasing advancements in wind and solar powered transportation, and innovation happening across the board. Did you know that nuclear reactors are being engineered to be smaller and more efficient, relying on integrated energy to produce cleaner, more sustainable, and safer power?
  4. Partnerships forged between industry giants and community colleges are a powerful catalyst, raising a new cadre of technical professionals with access to on-the-job training, scholarships, grants, and internships.

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday, and every Wednesday in March! 


Future sessions will include topics such as:

  • solar, wind, wood, hydropower, biomass energy
  • fossil energy sources, such as coal, oil and natural gas
  • electric power transmission and line worker training
  • energy-saving technologies & energy efficient solutions for business & cities
  • cybersecurity and emergency response to protect the reliable flow of energy to Americans
A special thank you to our presenters, supporters, attendees and others who have helped to make this event so successful.