2023 National Conference Call for Proposals


Submit your proposal to present at the 2023 NACCE Annual Conference!


There are NEW tracks and formats!  See what is a good fit for you!

The Album:  The NACCE 2023 Conference Album is made up of 3 different tracks where we share best practices and epic fails so that we can learn from each other. Each track has sessions with a target audience related to workforce, fundraising, student engagement, veterans, and leadership.  Sessions should focus on innovative practices in the arts, STEM, business, and all areas of study in colleges and engagement in communities.
Engage Track:  This track is designed to explore various ways in which organizations, colleges and foundations engage their credit and non-credit faculty, staff, students, and community stakeholders to achieve their goals. This track provides attendees with valuable insights and practical strategies for success through engagement.
Engage Track sessions cover topics such as developing a culture of engagement, effective communication strategies, creating a sense of purpose, and fostering a sense of belonging. These sessions could also explore how technology can be used to improve engagement, and the role of leadership in developing a culture of engagement.  Additional topics may include corporate social responsibility, community outreach, and the role of community colleges in addressing social and environmental issues.
Mindset Track This track is designed to inspire attendees through 10 minute “Impact Talks”. 
Using the format of a TedTalk, presenters are encouraged to inspire attendees through stories of how they were impacted, or how they impacted their community.  Topics may include student achievement and success, creative problem solving, or unlikely alliances.  Note, there are a limited amount of Impact Talk opportunities available.  Apply early to secure one of 20 slots!

Innovative Action Track. This track is designed to explore and demonstrate the latest trends and best practices in innovation and how to turn ideas into action with a special focus on the arts and interdisciplinary education.  This track provides attendees with actionable strategies for turning innovative ideas into action.

This track may cover topics such as creating a culture of innovation, fostering creativity, and generating new ideas. Sessions could also explore how to effectively brainstorm, prioritize and evaluate ideas, and how to turn those ideas into actionable plans. In addition, the importance of empathy, prototyping, and effectuation.

The use of experiential and active learning is highly encouraged.