make/SHIFT 2022 Recap

Posted By: Josh Zaslow

Huge thanks to everyone who attended and presented at make/SHIFT! We hosted 124 in-person and 81 virtual attendees this year. We had so much fun making, telling stories, and visioning with you.

You inspired us to dig deeper, reach out further, and dream bigger when it comes to making. Highlights include:

  • The official launch of MakerUSA led by Dr. Stephanie Santoso, Colin Lacy, and Michelle Zamora
  • Learning how to make diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging central to a maker program
  • Opening of the Pitch for the Trades application
  • Learning how to plan, program, staff, and fund a maker program
  • Breakout sessions for three different program experience levels
  • Learning about the history of making from NACCE Senior Director of Membership & DEI+B Katie Gailes
  • Working together to surmount real world challenges in making
  • Music and making video presentation
  • Creating a maker program based on who it will serve

We can’t wait to see everyone again before next year’s make/SHIFT!

Don’t forget to contact me, AmeriCorps Maker Fellow Josh Zaslow at for more info on music and making!