NACCE Renews Partnership With Michelson Institute For Intellectual Property

Posted By: Leah Loch (deleted) NACCE Blog,

In 2017, seven community colleges embarked upon an incredible journey. Their shared mission? Democratizing IP education.

With leadership and support from NACCE, this cohort of colleges worked tirelessly to bring fundamental information about intellectual property into their classrooms.

Through a tremendously successful pilot year in 2017-2018, these institutions introduced IP education to thousands of undergraduate scholars -- many of whom encountered IP for the first time in our program participants’ classrooms.

Now, NACCE is thrilled to invite ALL member colleges to join this growing community of trailblazers bringing IP education to students.

In partnership with the Michelson 20MM Foundation, NACCE is thrilled to welcome your college to participate in the Michelson Institute for Intellectual Property (Michelson IP). A flagship educational initiative, Michelson IP has spent years designing, testing and sharing a comprehensive, no-cost collection of educational offerings for the next generation of inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs.

This new chapter of 20MM’s partnership with NACCE will support all participants with:

  • A faculty community of practice led by NACCE leadership and member colleges
  • Access to a deep network of IP subject matter experts and thought leaders
  • Advisory support in designing IP curricula, events, and educational programs
  • Co-authorship of IP thought leadership articles and news stories, and
  • Profiles or features on MIIP marketing channels

In addition to the MIIP community of practice, 20MM and NACCE will provide the following educational resources at no cost to participants:

  • Full access to the MIIP Educator Portal (includes multiple modular curricula for IP courses, as well as presentation materials, assessments, and discussion questions)
  • A self-paced online Udemy Course on Intellectual Property
  • A fully interactive IP textbook (available both digitally and in hard copy)
  • A Basics of IP video series

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